Representatives from governments, technology, business and civil society gather in Paris, France, 12-14 November, to address Internet’s role in widening distrust among people.

Facing growing concerns that the Internet is being used as a vehicle to sow division and discord around the world, more than 3,000 representatives from governments, the private sector, technology, and civil society will gather in Paris 12-14 November, 2018 at the  annual Internet Governance Forum, to look at a range of actions that can be taken to ensure an “Internet of Trust.”

The Forum, convened by the UN Secretary-General, seeks to highlight open and inclusive discussions around global internet issues including: addressing the digital divide; how is artificial intelligence and frontier technologies affecting humankind; cyber security; gender equality; what is the impact on sustainable development; and how does a digital future ensure our human rights.

The Government of France will be hosting the three-day meeting at UNESCO headquarters. French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized the importance of welcoming the IGF in Paris to share ideas and advance discussions on Internet governance issues. UN Secretary-General António Guterres is scheduled to give remarks on the opening day. Other notable speakers is UN DESA’s Under Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin.

The Forum promotes dialogue and encourages an exchange of ideas to better govern the internet so that it is a safe and trustworthy environment for all. For that reason, the Forum is open to all. If you are not able to attend, they encourage online participation by registering on their website. Webcasts and live transcripts of the sessions will also be available. The discussions and the exchange of ideas and best practices often form the foundation for national  rules, regulations and laws concerning the Internet.

Highlights from IGF 2017 were sessions on the role of artificial intelligence and disinformation, big data, the Internet of Things and virtual reality; topics that carry over in 2018, and sets the foundation to discussions on the future of internet and technology.

The preparation of the annual IGF is guided by the 55-member Multistakeholder Advisory Group appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General, consisting of  55 members (45% female) – 28 among them new -, representing all stakeholder groups and all regions.  

All Advisory Group members serve in their personal capacity but are expected to have extensive linkages with stakeholder groups. The Advisory Group provides advice on the preparations for the thirteenth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in 2018 and its intersessional activities.  Representatives of previous host countries and representatives of relevant international and regional intergovernmental organizsations are also invited to attend Advisory Group meetings.

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