Setbacks, from natural disasters, to economic shocks, health crises, and cyberattack take a heavy toll in lives lost, property damaged, and in losses to livelihoods and well-being. Countries and communities, as they face the increasing impacts of climate change, have recognized that through planning and sustainable development it is necessary and possible to reduce existing disaster risks and prevent new ones.

ECOSOC will look at how the tools of technology and innovation can be utilized to build resilient societies that are capable of effectively responding to shocks, both environmental or economic. The Segment will bring together key stakeholders—Member States, the United Nations system, other international organizations, the private sector, academia and civil society—to discuss policies, share best practices to enhance resilience and inclusion as key enablers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Who: High-level representatives of the Member States, mayors, agencies of the UN system and civil society actors, NGOs, academia and the private sector

What: ECOSOC Integration Segment, under the theme “Innovative communities: leveraging technology and innovation to build sustainable and resilient societies”

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When: 1-3 May 2018

Where: ECOSOC Chamber, UN Headquarters, New York or live through

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