(New York, NY) Launching January 17th, Global GoalsCast (www.GlobalGoalsCast.org), is a female-run podcast aiming to inspire a new generation of early-adopter, millennial activists by turning to the rise of the podcast movement.  This podcast is a new, innovative and compelling platform through which to communicate the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Because of the intimacy of podcasting speaking directly to the listeners, Global GoalsCast will increase the ability to reach the hearts and the minds of all global citizens, inspiring them to take action and be a part of worldwide efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Each episode brings to life the stories of global sustainability heroes, from the known to the unknown, shares high-quality data, and provides numerous ways in which listeners can take action and personally contribute to progressive global efforts aimed at achieving the Sustainable Agenda.

UNICEF is one of the founding partners of this initiative due to its belief on the merits of innovative communication platforms to engage people in the active achievement of the SDGs.  “We are proud to be part of new and innovative communication platforms, like Global GoalsCast, that intend to inspire citizens to take action and to put the most vulnerable children at the heart of the Public Agenda” express Ms. Paloma Escudero, UNICEF’s Director of Communications.

Global GoalsCast also counts on the support of the United Nations, other UN Agencies, Multilateral Intergovernmental Organizations and a number of international NGOs as partners.

Supported by the expertise of their partners, each episode will focus on a separate issue as they relate to current events and Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending poverty, combating climate change, and ensuring equality. Subscribe to Global GoalsCast on Apple Podcasts, or any other platform, to not miss an episode. 

For inquiries, contact press@weareallhuman.org

About Global GoalsCast

Created for a global audience, Global GoalsCast serves listeners looking to be moved by the actions of others, enlightened by the progress updates towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and inspired to take action and do their part to create a more sustainable world. Hosted by Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush, Global GoalsCast is released on a monthly basis and will be available for subscription at Apple Podcasts or wherever you subscribe to your podcasts.