Waving the Sustainable Development Goals

This summer, the SDGs were among the highlights of the “Festival of Towers” – a popular celebration of music, dance, visual arts and folklore held near Naples in Italy every year.

The UN Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) Brussels surprised the organisers by proposing that traditional flags used during the Italian medieval folklore tradition of flag waving be replaced by 17 flags with the SDG icons.

The UNRIC information officer responsible for Italy was surprised by the strong enthusiasm of the Ente Sbandieratori (flag wavers) Cavensi to help the UN raise awareness of Agenda 2030.

Eighteen flags (one for each Goal plus the SDGs logo) were produced and local young wavers started training.

Meanwhile, the attention of local public institutions and the media grew thanks to an online and media campaign supported by UNRIC Brussels.

The SDGs flags show kicked off the Festival before 3,000 spectators, paving the way to performances by artists from Chile, Georgia, Mexico and South Africa.

The organizers welcomed the partnership with UNRIC and Mr. Medolla, on behalf of the flag wavers, said that “it opened up new prospects, strengthened our determination to build a ‘tower of peace’ and made us committed champions of the SDGs in the years to come.”

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UNRIC Brussels/rev ICS/9 August 2017