A new take on climate change: UN challenge starts in the kitchen

As the Paris Agreement begins, the SDG Fund and UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors the Roca brothers launch a sustainable cooking contest: #Recipe4Change

As the Paris Agreement on climate change enters into force this Friday, November 4th, famed chefs Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca are joining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund) to tackle climate change from a different perspective: sustainable cooking. During the next three months, the Roca brothers will offer cooking challenges that invite social media users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to submit sustainable recipes (#Recipe4Change).

“Food should not be a threat to sustainability, but a source of more sustainable development,” according to the Roca brothers. As UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors for the SDG Fund, the brothers have used this concept as a key part of their mission to fight poverty and promote sustainable development. Given that one-third of the world greenhouse gas emissions emanate from agriculture, by adopting better practices linked to food production and consumption, everyone can impact their own health and that of the planet.

As part of the #Recipe4Change contest, the Roca brothers will pose a series of monthly challenges, selecting one winning recipe for each of these challenges. At the end of the contest, the Rocas will recognize a global winner among all of the recipes received during the contest. The winner will spend a day with the chefs in their celebrated restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, where they will have the opportunity to prepare the winning recipe in the Rocas’ kitchen and dine with the chefs.

Along with monthly sustainable food challenges, the Roca brothers will share regular tips and techniques to reduce the impact of cooking on the environment. They will offer best practices and ideas designed to mitigate climate change as well as cooking methods that reduce energy consumption, water usage and enhance food preservation.

“The challenges of food security are complex and require more integrated approaches to mitigate the effects of our changing climate. With one of five people still lacking access to electricity and more than 1.8 billion without clean water, we must rethink how we prepare, store and transport food. The Roca brothers serve as important champions for our ongoing work on this vital issue,” said Paloma Duran, Director of the SDG Fund. “Tackling climate change and achieving SDGs should be a collective effort that involves governments, business, international organizations, but also citizens who can everyday make small but meaningful decisions in how they cook and what they eat”.

“The beginning of the Paris Agreement also marks a new chapter for humanity and demonstrates that countries are serious about addressing climate change. More importantly, a greater understanding of climate change can be set in motion in our own communities and kitchens,” according to the Roca brothers.

To achieve the SDGs, there must be a greater awareness and understanding of how people’s food choices can impact sustainability, health and the environment. By putting sustainable cooking at the forefront of their restaurant’s mission, the Roca brothers are eager to share their expertise, provide fresh approaches, and offer more resilient food practices. Simple changes in cooking can contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially food sourcing, waste reduction and preparation can contribute to better food security and nutritional outcomes.

To learn more and participate in the campaign, please visit: www.sdgfund.org/sustainablecooking.


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