26 February 2016

With Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund (PGTF) support, the International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) organized study tours welcoming technical experts from Asian and Latin American countries to China to demonstrate the achievements of small hydropower developments, and green hydropower practices in river basins. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 professionals and officials from India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Uruguay joined the workshops and study tours.

“It has been a privilege to share the research and activities undertaken in China with partners in other developing countries,” said Professor Xiaobo Hu, Chief of the Division of Multilateral Development at the ICSHP. “Particularly meaningful was to see firsthand how our experiences empowered Uruguayan counterparts to plan and lead the refurbishment of their small hydropower centres.”“China has developed good small hydropower technologies and equipment,” said Mr. Martin Scarone, Director of Renewable Energies at the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mining of Uruguay. “The study tour gave us the opportunity to learn from ICSHP’s experiences.”ICSHP has developed small hydropower projects across various river basins in China, and in recent years it has significantly refined and certified its research methods to comprehensively survey environmental and socio-economic impacts of hydropower resource development. It has gained substantial expertise refurbishing and upgrading small-scale hydropower plants. Capitalizing on these knowledge, ICSHP organized two regional seminars for partners to share lessons learned, including a multi-partner workshop in Turkey, and a practical joint exercise in Uruguay in 2013 where partners assessed the feasibility of refurbishments at 3 potential sites.Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires a mix of efforts to jointly address environmental sustainability and human development. Small hydropower presents an opportunity to directly contribute to both of these objectives. Its focus on green renewable energy and minimal environmental impact are complemented by its contributions to poverty reduction: providing access to energy, safe water and enhanced livelihoods.Despite its benefits, the current estimated usage of hydropower resources in South America stands at 40%. Even more striking, Asia is only utilizing 25% of its hydropower resources. This implies that an enormous untapped potential exists to foster development in rural areas, while minimally impacting the environment, generating energy, supplying running water and where applicable enabling irrigation. In addition, a large number of single-function aging or abandoned hydropower facilities exist, which are in need of upgrades and maintenance to enable their sustainability.The Perez Guerrero Trust Fund project portfolio includes a number of cooperative initiatives focused on developing country approaches to extending and popularizing renewable energies.

About the partners

The Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund (PGTF) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1983, to support activities in economic and technical cooperation among developing countries members of the Group of 77. PGTF is managed by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC).

To date, PGTF has provided catalytic financial support to 278 cooperative projects carried out by three or more developing countries. 125 countries have received or benefited from small grants that facilitated South-South partnerships and networks among institutions of the global South. The fund supported activities in various fields: technical cooperation, food and agriculture, trade, technology, information exchange and others.

International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) is a public and non‐profit institution established within the Ministry of Water Resources and also directly reporting to the Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples’ Republic of China. ICSHP’s mission is to promote small hydropower development worldwide. Among its activities, it manages the International Network on Small Hydro Power, an international organization with more than 400 members from 78 countries.

Since its establishment, through partnerships with UNIDO and UNDP, ICSHP has provided technical services including turn‐key project implementation, training, equipment supply and installation, and advisory services, for small hydropower developments in Cameroon, the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

via UN Office for South-South Cooperation