12 December – Day 13

11 pm 

The historic day in photos: 

10 pm

The Paris Agreement has been adopted!

Emotions ran high at the La Seine plenary hall. Delegates cheered, hugged, some wiped off tears – it was a joyous occasion. As French President Francois Hollande told delegates: You will remember that you were here on 12 December, and that you made history with this agreement.

You can read the final version here.

We will now sign off leaving you with the word of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

What was now unthinkable, is now unstoppable.

Well done to all the governments, civil society and businesses who have worked so hard to do their part and make this agreement possible.


Committee of Paris to meet at 5:30pm. It was originally set to meet at 3:45pm. Slowly but surely it seems this COP may be coming to an end…

1:30 pm

The new text is ready. Read it here.

12:30 pm

Well that was exciting. COP21 President Laurent Fabius presented the new document to delegates, which should be available around 1:30 pm.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told delegates:

“The document you have just been presented is historic. It promises to set the world on a new path to a low-emissions, climate-resilient future.”

He also urged them to keep the same good spirit of compromise that they have shown over the past two weeks, and reminded them that “the whole world is watching” and that “billions of people are relying on your wisdom.”

President François Hollande was also in the room and he urged delegates to adopt the document telling them that “all the conditions have been met, and they won’t always necessarily be here. We are in the home stretch… there will be no postponement… the decisive deal for the planet is here.”


Is it really our last day at COP21? It is starting to look like it.

Last night in an impromptu statement to the press COP21 President Laurent Fabius said he would present what he called the “final version” of the text. That time has since moved to &ampampampampltspan style=”text-decoration: underline”&ampampampampgt11:30am&ampampampamplt/span&ampampampampgt. Once the text is presented delegates will have some time to review, and if all goes well, they will adopt the text after that. But how long will this take? That is still unknown. Stay tuned.

11 December – Day 12

7 pm

The day in photos:

6 pm

How many meetings can you fit in one day? Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today met with ministers from South Africa (top left), Singapore (top right), Australia (middle right) and Turkey (bottom right). He also met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (middle left) and the Presidential Commissioner for Climate Change of Venezuela. Not pictured: The Special Representative on Climate Change of China.

2 pm

In between meetings with high-level officials, Mr. Ban took his lunch break today with COP21 participants in a cafeteria at Le Bourget.

12:30 pm

Mr. Ban and COP21 President Laurent Fabius spoke to the press after a meeting this afternoon. Mr. Ban said he was encouraged by all the the work done by delegates, and urged them to continue until they””re reached a strong and ambitious agreement. Mr. Ban also said that the Paris negotiations have been the “most complicated, most difficult, but most important for humanity.”

9 am

It was a long night for delegates who at 9pm last night received a new version of the text and then broke into groups for consultations. You can feel it in the atmosphere – time is running out. COP21 President Laurent Fabius has said negotiations may not finish until tomorrow morning. You can read the new version of the text here.

We will keep you posted.

10 December – Day 11

9 pm

The day in photos

1:30 pm

  • Members of civil society presented Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with a petition 6.2 million signatures strong, demanding ambitious climate action from leaders at COP21. Mr. Ban told them:

I respect, honour and commend your commitment to protecting the environment that sustains us and creating a world of hope and opportunity where no-one is left behind.

After Paris is over, your voices will be needed more than ever.

I urge you to continue to demand more from all Governments. Show us what is possible.

9 December – Day 10

3:15 pm

Delegates have now been presented with a new draft. They will study the document and begin consultations immediately. The meeting of the Paris Committee is set to adjourn at 8pm.

The new draft is now 29 pages, down from 43. You can read it here.


While we wait – a few fun facts about the conference centre:

  • Every day, bakers at COP21 make more than 10,000 croissants to feed the 45,000 participants at the conference.
  • There are 200 electric vehicles to transport delegates, the largest fleet of electric vehicles for an international conference
  • There are “recycling guides” throughout the conference centre, usually wandering around near the recycling bins telling people how to separate their trash.
  • If you””re lucky, you can grab free organic apples, fair trade and carbon neutral chocolate, and Ben &ampampampampampampampampampampampamp Jerry””s ice cream. This last one has its own COP21 flavour “Save our Swirl” which is raspberry with chocolate chunks. All delicious and sustainable treats.
  • Another less conventional snack at the COP – insects. We saw these pop up at the Espace Generation Climat, and then again being offered at a dinner for delegates.
  • There are also a few relaxation rooms, which we think are there for delegates running out of energy. They may come in handy pretty soon.
  • Finally one of our favourites, was the bike for juice stand, which requires you to bike until you””ve created enough energy to power the juicer.


Negotiations update: The Comité de Paris meeting has now been rescheduled from 1pm to 3pm.


We””re reaching the homestretch. As COP21 President Laurent Fabius said, delegates are “working day and night in order to find the agreement that the world is waiting for.” Yesterday, Mr. Fabius announced that the Conference can expect a new draft by 1pm today.

8 December – Day 9 

The day in photos: