Ahead of Climate Change Conference, UN top officials urge countries to reach ambitious agreement

The United Nations Chief Executives Board for Coordination on Climate Change today urged countries to adopt an ambitious agreement to limit global temperature rise to below 2°C this century, and commit to achieve sustainable development.

The call to action comes just five days before more than 140 Heads of State gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, France. They will be joined by policymakers, businesses and representatives of civil society.

“No country is immune from the harmful effects of a changing climate, and no country acting alone can arrest it,” The Board said in a statement issued this evening.

“Cooperation is essential for meeting this challenge and transforming it into an opportunity for low-emissions, climate resilient growth that benefits all.”

The Board noted that addressing climate change is necessary for achieving the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals – 17 targets that seek to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet by 2030.

“The accelerated implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals  will be an essential vehicle for reducing global greenhouse emissions, strengthening resilience and decreasing the negative effects of climate change,” the Board said.

In their statement, the UN Chief Executives:

  • Urged Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to adopt a universal, ambitious, rights-based and gender-responsive agreement and accompanying decisions in Paris, which will put the world on an urgent pathway to limit global temperature rise to below 2°C this century;
  • Committed the UN system to provide strong  support to Member States for developing and implementing their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) ;
  • Stressed they would continue to equally prioritize efforts to build the resilience of people, communities and countries to the adverse effects of climate change, especially the most vulnerable; and explore ways to increase access to financing for these efforts, including enhancing ways to leverage private finance with available public finance, in a sustainable manner and with safeguards to protect the public interest.

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