In a bid to find new and creative solutions to world issues, the UN, along with partner organisations, will be highlighting key work that is being developing by innovators across the world. These will be projects looking at how to solve some of the problems the sustainable development goals are also aiming to tackle.

To do this, the UN is calling for forward-thinkers, specialising in areas such as technology, engineering and science, who are looking at ways to solve problems such as climate change, poverty and sustainable energy, to submit their proposals online.

Of the submissions, 17-20 successful innovators will be invited to The Solutions Summit on the 27th September at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Here, they will be invited to present their breakthrough ideas to senior policymakers, investors and industry leaders.

The aim of the summit is to encourage creativity among other potential innovators in the hope that the combination of talent and the right resources will make a significant difference in achieving the sustainable development agenda.

Extraordinary individuals and teams are encouraged to submit their proposals through The Solutions Summit website. Those wishing to be a part of the Selection Committee can also apply online.

The Solutions Summit will follow the three-day post-2015 development summit, also to be held in New York. This is where the 17 sustainable development goals will be formally adopted by the Member States.