Popular British boy band, One Direction, are teaming up with the Action/2015 movement to help raise global awareness and encourage young people to join the call to ‘change our future.’

Action 2015 is a coalition of over 1,600 organizations worldwide who are passionate about tackling issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change by raising awareness so that world leaders are encouraged ‘to set and fund goals’ that will affect change. They believe 2015 is the year to make that difference.

Their initiative supports the United Nations’ own 2015:Time for Global Action campaign, which also works to eradicate poverty, inequality and climate change.

With the help of the musical act and their online fan base, Action/2015 hopes to reach youth all over the world over the next month by asking fans “What do you want your world to look like?”
Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam are encouraging fans to describe the world they want to live in by sharing powerful and emotive films and photos in a movement they are calling Action/1D.

It is hoped that this online drive will give young people a platform to contribute to these important global conversations and get them thinking about the future of the planet ahead of the upcoming UN Summit in New York in September and the climate negotiations in Paris in December.

Already, the Action/1D website, as well as twitter and facebook, have been flooded with pictures and videos from fans all over the world. The images either depict young people celebrating the difference they can make together or describing the world they would like to live in.

This content will be used to create a short film that will be premiered in September.

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