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Eleven global banks partner with UN to make financial markets more climate transparent

2018-04-22T11:51:24-04:0012 Jul 2017|Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 17: Partnerships, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, News|

Representing over $7 trillion, eleven major financial institutions around the globe have joined forces with the United Nations to promote climate transparency in financial markets, the Organization’s environment wing said today.

United Nations ActNow campaign joins forces with award-winning Baobab Studios to promote individual climate action

2020-12-10T11:18:06-05:0010 Dec 2020|ActNow, Featured, Goal 13: Climate Action, Press material|

The United Nations ActNow campaign is collaborating with the award-winning interactive animation company Baobab Studios to promote individual action on climate change and a shift to more sustainable lifestyles.

ActNow Climate Campaign Inspires Bali Coastal Clean-Up

2019-12-13T11:18:12-05:0013 Dec 2019|ActNow, Featured, Goal 13: Climate Action, Stories from the Field|

More than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the world’s oceans each year, and of this, Indonesia contributes 1.29 million tonnes, making it the second-largest plastic polluter to the world’s oceans. The Indonesian government has pledged to reduce its output of plastic into the oceans by 70 percent by 2025.

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