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Sport is about inclusion, participation and above all, about having fun. The success of sport as a primary mobilizing element of society is due to its uncomplicated and fundamentally human characteristics which are deeply connected to the basic need of people of all origins and walks of life to play and compete against one another.

The International Year of Sport and Physical Education represents an opportunity to take the need for play and recreation one step further. The impact of the Year will be measured, in part, by the new and innovative partnerships created around the idea that sport and physical education can make an essential contribution to human, social and economic development.

Therefore, partnerships should be as wide-ranging and all-inclusive as possible as we strive to integrate sport into global development efforts. National Committees should explore building new relationships, involving partners at all interested levels and sectors of government, non-governmental development organizations, sports organizations, the sport industry, the United Nations system and others.

This section, provides helpful links to a number of organizations, some of which already enjoy a long-standing working relationship with the United Nations.

Note: By making use of some links in this section you will request a new window that takes you off the website of the United Nations. The United Nations is not responsible for the content of these sites.
Top photo: Children’s Sport in Guatemala, UNHCR. Side photo: Roger Federer (Switzerland), World No 1 Tennis Player, by UN/DPI.
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Roger Federer, world number one tennis player.
Roger Federer quote