Kofi Annan

16 October 2003, New York

Secretary-General's remarks to Security Council following adoption of Resolution 1511 on Iraq

Mr. President,

May I commend the members of the Security Council for having reached this significant agreement on what obviously is a particularly important resolution to address the complex situation in Iraq. The process has been difficult. But the outcome is a clear demonstration of the will of all the members of the Security Council to place the interests of the Iraqi people above all other considerations.

16 October 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Secretary-General's statement to the Tenth Summit of the Organization of the Islamic confrence [delivered by Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan]

Your Royal Highness, Sheikh Hamad, Prime Minister Mahathir, Majesties, Excellencies,

Unhappily, grave issues concerning a region that is of central concern to all of you prevent me from joining you in person for this important Summit. I greatly regret this –not least because I was looking forward to visiting Malaysia –a country that has made such remarkable economic and social progress, and where different ethnicities, cultures and faiths live together in peace.

15 October 2003, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on China's first mission to space

The Secretary-General extends his warm congratulations to the People's Republic of China on its first mission into space, and hopes for the safe and successful completion of this maiden voyage. He notes that as the exploration of space knows no national borders, the mission of the Shenzhou V is a step forward for all humankind.

15 October 2003, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on attack in Gaza today

The Secretary-General strongly condemns the deadly attack on a United States diplomatic convoy in Gaza today. He views with alarm this apparently deliberate attack on diplomats. The Secretary-General sends his condolences to the families of the three murdered Americans, and to all those who were injured. He calls on the Palestinian Authority to act with speed and determination to bring to justice those responsible for the attack.

15 October 2003, Beijing, China

Secretary-General's message to the Symposium on the Comparative Study of International Criminal Law and the Rome Statute

With the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on 17 July 1998, the international community took a major step towards ending the culture of impunity that has too often prevailed in our world.

The Rome Statute establishes a permanent international criminal justice system for the prosecution of individuals who perpetrate heinous crimes of concern to the international community as a whole. It is a unique instrument, which reaffirms faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity and worth of the human person.

15 October 2003, Beijing, China

Secretary-General's message to the High-Level meeting of the Elimination of Iodine Deficiency [delivered by Ms. Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF]

One of the most pressing challenges of our times is to make globalization work for all people. And one way to move closer towards that goal is for Governments, the UN system, private sector enterprises and civil society groups to forge partnerships around specific goals, and then work with creativity and determination to achieve them. A wonderfully concrete example of that approach is what has brought you all together for this conference in Beijing: the elimination of iodine deficiency, the world's single greatest cause of mental retardation, through universal salt iodization.

15 October 2003, Warsaw, Poland

Secretary-General's message on the 30th anniversary of Poland's first contribution to UN peacekeeping [delivered by Mr. Colin Glennie, UN Resident Cordinator in Poland]

The anniversary you are celebrating today should inspire pride in every Pole, and gratitude in the rest of the United Nations family. Thirty years have passed since the advance party of the first Polish contingent of Blue Helmets arrived in the Sinai Peninsula to join the second United Nations Emergency Force. This marked the beginning of one of the most steadfast troop contributing traditions among the membership of the United Nations. Within a few months of that first deployment in 1973, the logistics support unit from Poland had grown to more than 800 troops.

14 October 2003, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference

In answer to questions, the Secretary-General wishes to make it clear that he greatly regrets being unable to attend this week's summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. He attaches great importance to the OIC, and had planned to attend, but unfortunately has to remain in New York for very important discussions relating to Iraq, in which he is intimately involved. He is, however, sending Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, his Special Representative for Afghanistan, to represent him at the summit and to read a statement on his behalf.

14 October 2003, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the situation in Bolivia

The Secretary-General is gravely concerned by the continuing violence in Bolivia, which has led to many deaths in the past several days. He calls upon the Government of Bolivia and the opposition to exercise maximum restraint at this very dangerous time and to settle their differences through peaceful means and dialogue. There must be full respect for human rights, above all the right to life.

14 October 2003, Monrovia, Liberia

Secretary-General's message on the inauguration of the National Transitional Government of Liberia [delivered by Jacques Paul Klein, SRSG for Liberia]

Today marks a turning point for Liberia. Following a decade and a half of civil war and failed attempts to make peace, this is a day full of hope, but also fraught with challenges.