01 August 2007, New York

Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson of the Secretary-General on Guatemala

The Secretary-General applauds today's decision by Guatemala's legislature to approve, as a matter of national urgency, the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). He believes Guatemala has sent a clear message both to its people and to the international community that it is committed to fight crime and impunity, and to provide security for its citizens. Under the terms of its agreement with the Government of Guatemala, the United Nations will now work in close cooperation with the national government and judicial authorities to make CICIG a reality.

01 August 2007, New York

Secretary-General's Statement on the New Period of Engagement on Kosovo

The Contact Group has briefed me of its agreement on the modalities for further negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade. This effort will be led by a Troika comprising representatives of the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United States.

I welcome this initiative by the Contact Group. I hope that the new period of engagement will lead to agreement on Kosovo's future status, which remains a priority for the United Nations.

01 August 2007, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Secretary-General's Joint Press Conference with Haitian President René Préval at Palais National [unofficial transcript]

SG :Tout d'abord permettez moi de remercier le Président Préval pour ses aimables paroles.

C'est pour moi un réel plaisir de me trouver ici aujourd'hui. J'ai eu l'occasion d'avoir avec Michèle (Montas) de riches discussions sur Haïti et je suis heureux de me rendre compte par moi-même des efforts déployés ici.

31 July 2007, New York

Secretary-General's statement at Security Council after adoption of Resolution 1769 on the hybrid force for Darfur

Mr. President,


I am honoured to address the Security Council after its adoption of this historic and unprecedented resolution.

By authorizing the deployment of a hybrid operation for Darfur, you are sending a clear and powerful signal of your commitment to improve the lives of the people of the region, and close this tragic chapter in Sudan's history.

31 July 2007, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the killing of Korean hostages in Afghanistan

The Secretary-General deplores the killing of two of the hostages from the Republic of Korea held by the Taliban. He offers his sincere condolences to the family of the victims and to the Korean people. He remains deeply concerned for the safety and welfare of the 21 Korean hostages, the German national and the four Afghans, who are still being detained. The Secretary-General notes that these hostages include many young women who came to help the people of Afghanistan and they should not be made part of the conflict in that country.

31 July 2007, New York

Secretary-General's remarks at launch by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of a new initiative on the Millennium Development Goals

Thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister, for your rousing, inspiring and visionary words. And I am very much encouraged by your strong commitment and support for the Millennium Develoment Goals, and for peace and security initiatives around the world, including on Darfur.

Good morning, everyone -- and welcome to our common house, Mr. Prime Minister. It is a profound honour for me to welcome you to the United Nations on your first visit as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

31 July 2007, New York

Secretary-General's address to General Assembly thematic debate: "Climate Change as a Global Challenge"

Madam President, Excellencies, Dear Delegates,

Let me thank the President of the General Assembly, Her Excellency Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, for convening this timely and topical debate.

We meet at a time when climate change –long on the international agenda –is finally receiving the very highest attention that it merits. We have all heard a lot about the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They have unequivocally affirmed the warming of our climate system, and linked it directly to human activity.

27 July 2007, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the 50th Anniversary of the International Atomic Energy Agency

As the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) marks its 50 anniversary on

29 July 2007, the Secretary-General wishes to express his appreciation to the Agency for its dedication and commitment to the promotion of “atoms for peace” through its activities within the framework of the three pillars of safety and security; science and technology; and safeguards and verification.

27 July 2007, New York

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Burundi(Scroll down for French version)

The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by the recent withdrawal of Palipehutu-FNL from the Joint Verification and Monitoring Mechanism (JVMM) of the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement signed by the Government of Burundi and FNL in September 2006. He urges FNL to resume its participation in the JVMM without delay and calls on both parties to refrain from any actions that might lead to a resumption of hostilities.

27 July 2007, San Jose, California

Secretary-General's press encounter with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

SG: Thank you very much, Governor Schwarzenegger, Ladies and Gentlemen of the press.

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to meet the Governor and tour this very impressive company. We had a very great tour of this company this morning with the Governor. I was very much impressed by what the Echelon Corporation has been contributing by developing the most modern technologies that can help emerging economies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming.