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02 July 2020, Security Council

Remarks to Security Council Open Video-Teleconference on the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Implications of COVID-19

I thank the German Presidency for convening this important discussion.
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to profoundly affect peace and security across the globe.
The consequences can be seen even in a number of countries traditionally seen as “stable”. 
But the impacts are particularly apparent in countries already experiencing conflict or emerging from it – and may soon engulf others.
The risks are diverse.
Tensions are rising as a result of the severe socio-economic fallout of the crisis.

25 June 2020, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks to the Press on the launch of the UN Comprehensive Response to COVID-19

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. 
We mark tomorrow’s 75th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Charter at a time of colossal global upheaval and risk.
From COVID-19 to climate disruption, from racial injustice to rising inequalities, we are a world in turmoil.  
At the same time, we are an international community with an enduring vision – embodied in the Charter – to guide us to a better future. 
The same Charter whose values enabled us to avoid the scourge of the third World War as many had feared. 

11 June 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Virtual High-Level Event on the State of the Digital World and Implementation of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

Excellencies, distinguished participants, dear friends. 

The world is shifting from analog to digital technology at a faster pace than we could ever have predicted.  

This creates both vast promise – and some peril.  

The COVID pandemic has magnified the many benefits and harms of the digital world.   

Technology is enabling the lifesaving work of healthcare providers, allowing businesses to operate remotely, educating our children and connecting us with friends and family. But we also have seen technology gravely misused.  

11 June 2020, Security Council

Statement at the Security Council briefing on Mali

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03 June 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to Extraordinary Inter-Sessional Summit of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States

Your Excellency, Mr. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta,
Excellencies, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen,  

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing enormous human suffering and economic hardship around the world.  

We need a much stronger response of unity and solidarity, if we are to get through this pandemic together and build a safer, more stable future.  

The economic and social impact of the pandemic is already devastating economies.  

22 May 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to OIC Member States on "COVID-19 Solidarity: Promoting Co-Existence and Shared Responsibility"

Your Excellency Ambassador Nusseibeh,
Dear Friends, 

Eid Mubarak!  

I am honoured to extend my warmest wishes to you, your governments and all of your citizens.

Let me begin by thanking all of the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for coming together in this unique way at this unique time.

You have successfully experienced a Ramadan like no other, in a time like no other.

20 May 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Africa Dialogue Series on COVID-19 and Silencing the Guns in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

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I am pleased to be able to join you in this time of unprecedented crisis to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on peace and security in Africa.

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of our societies.

It is a global problem that demands a coordinated global response built on unity and solidarity.

As COVID-19 spreads across Africa, its governments have responded swiftly.

As of now, reported cases are lower than feared. 

19 May 2020, ECOSOC

Remarks to the ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment

Madam President,
Mr. Vice President,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

18 May 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the World Health Assembly

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08 May 2020, UN Headquarters

Appeal to Address and Counter COVID-19 Hate Speech

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COVID-19 does not care who we are, where we live, what we believe or about any other distinction. We need every ounce of solidarity to tackle it together. Yet the pandemic continues to unleash a tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scare-mongering.