Peace and Security

20 October 2020, Security Council

Remarks at the Security Council Meeting on the "Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Comprehensive Review of the Situation in the Persian Gulf Region"

Let me begin by thanking Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian Federation for this initiative.  

Given the complex and multifaceted challenges in the Persian Gulf region, it is important to reflect more deeply on how the international community — particularly the Security Council —can work in unison to promote peace and security in this vital part of the world. 

I remain extremely concerned about the situation in Yemen, a local conflict that has become regionalized over time. 

08 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Roundtable Discussion on Women, Peace and Security in Peacekeeping Contexts

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Excellencies, colleagues and friends,

Today, I have the honor of meeting – albeit remotely – four formidable women leaders who strive for peace in their regions and countries.

Thank you for joining us as we mark both the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and 20 years since the adoption of Security Council Resolution 1325 that Melissa has referred. 

That resolution was a landmark -- a ground-breaking step spearheaded by the women’s movement and women leaders. 

08 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Launch of "Call to Action" following Roundtable Discussion on Women, Peace and Security in Peacekeeping Contexts

Indeed I wanted to launch a call to action, and to call on Governments, on the United Nations system - because it starts by us all and the way we behave - on Regional Organizations, African Union, European Union, many others, Civil Society Organizations, academia, and the wider international community to take bold actions to translate commitments into reality. 

To prioritize women’s leadership.

To invest in community-based women’s networks as equal partners. 

To embrace evidence-based decision-making through a gender data revolution. 

05 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at High-Level Event on Libya

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for participating in this meeting.
I would like to thank Germany for co-chairing this meeting with the United Nations and for its leadership demonstrated through the Berlin process.
Resolving the crisis in Libya remains a top priority for the United Nations.
The conflict has been going on for far too long and today we have an opportunity to recommit to its ending.

01 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the High-Level Meeting on The Central African Republic

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24 September 2020, Security Council

Briefing to the Security Council on Global Governance Post-COVID-19

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Thank you for this opportunity to address the subject of global governance as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A microscopic virus is now the number one threat in our world.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a full-blown crisis in itself, unfolding against a backdrop of high geopolitical tensions and other global threats in unpredictable and dangerous ways.

The pandemic is a clear test of international cooperation – a test we have essentially failed.

10 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the Opening Segment of the United Nations High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace

I am pleased to join you for this High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace – an event that is particularly important during these difficult times. 
The COVID-19 pandemic, we all know, is a challenge like no other. This is above all a human crisis, touching every area of our lives, destroying livelihoods and weakening the foundations of peaceful societies.

11 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the General Assembly and the Security Council on the 2020 Report on Peacebuilidng and Sustaining Peace

I thank the Presidents of the General Assembly and the Security Council for convening this joint briefing on my Report on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace – focusing on the 2020 review of the peacebuilding architecture.
I thank Member States for engaging actively and helping shape this critical outcome. Despite the extraordinary conditions imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic, this report is the fruit of broad and inclusive process.

17 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Virtual Student Observance of the International Day of Peace

Students from all over the world,
The International Day of Peace is traditionally a day when we call on armed combatants across the world to put down their weapons. But in a time of pandemic, 24 hours is not nearly enough.
That is why, last March, I called for an immediate global cease-fire. Because now there is only one true enemy: the virus.  The pandemic is the biggest threat to peace and security in our world today.

17 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the Peace Bell Ceremony on the occasion of the 39th Anniversary of the International Day of Peace

Your Excellency, Mr. Volkan Bozkir, President of the General Assembly,
Your Excellency, Mr. Ishikane Kimihiro, Permanent Representative of Japan,
United Nations Messengers of Peace,
Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone who is joining us remotely,