Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

27 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Nordic Council

Excellencies, dear Nordic friends,

It is an honour to speak to you today.

The Nordic countries are great friends of the United Nations and the causes of multilateralism and sustainable development.

Today, we meet in a time of great crisis and uncertainty.

The world is facing an unfolding pandemic that has exposed multiple weaknesses in our societies.

Meanwhile, climate change, which affects your nations acutely, is gathering pace.

09 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Mobilizing with Africa II High-Level Event

Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me start by thanking the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund and all those involved in bringing us together again to support Africa.
No country has been spared from the pandemic. Low-, middle- and high-income countries have all suffered directly through the colossal health impacts, and indirectly from the dramatic decline in domestic activity and international trade.
For African countries in particular, the crisis has resulted in acute liquidity constraints.

02 October 2020, General Assembly

Remarks to the General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union

Dear friends,
Thank you for inviting me to address the leadership of Europe’s public service media.
We at the United Nations recognize the key role you play in your countries at all times but especially amidst today’s COVID-19 pandemic.
I congratulate your new President-elect, Ms. Delphine Ernotte on her election and wish her the best for the road ahead at this pivotal moment.
I thank President Tony Hall for his purposeful leadership in extraordinary times, which has led to strengthened cooperation between our two institutions.

01 October 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the High-Level Meeting on the 25th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women

Monsieur le Président,
Mesdames et Messieurs les Ministres,
Chers collègues,

À vous tous, bonjour et bonsoir.

C'est un plaisir de m'adresser à vous à l'occasion du 25ème anniversaire de la quatrième Conférence mondiale sur les femmes.

La Conférence de Beijing a été un moment charnière ; un point de repère ; un tournant.

Pour beaucoup d'entre nous, ce fut un temps de réflexion profonde.

30 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to United Nations Biodiversity Summit

Humanity is waging war on nature. 
We need to rebuild our relationship with it.
More than 60 per cent of the world’s coral reefs are endangered due to overfishing, destructive practices and climate change.
Wildlife populations are plummeting because of overconsumption, population growth and intensive agriculture.
And the rate of species extinction is accelerating, with some one million species currently threatened or endangered, as the President just said.

29 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at High-Level Meeting on Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, good morning, good afternoon, good evening.
Four months ago, Prime Ministers Trudeau and Holness and myself, together with over 50 Heads of State and Government called for a large-scale response to the economic devastation brought about by COVID-19.
Since then, the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc around the world and the response has not kept pace.
One million people have died, a tragic milestone; more than 33 million have been infected.

29 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at joint press conference on the High-Level Event on Financing for Development in the Era Of Covid-19 and Beyond, with Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau of Canada and Andrew Holness of Jamaica

Thank you very much. 

Allow me, before starting, a personal testimony. I am deeply moved by the information I just received of the passing of His Highness, the Emir of Kuwait. 

The Emir of Kuwait was an extraordinary symbol of wisdom and generosity, a messenger of peace, a bridge builder. 

31 August 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Town Hall with Young Women from Civil Society Organizations

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. 

01 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks to Virtual High-Level Meeting on Generation Unlimited: “Connecting Half the World to Opportunities"

Excellencies, distinguished guests, friends, and most especially the young people joining us online:

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.  
It is a pleasure to join this important discussion on how we can build, strengthen and utilise digital connectivity and learning platforms to create opportunities for the largest generation of young people in history. 
Our world is in trouble.  

02 September 2020, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) Centenary Summit: How private and public sector cooperation can help drive transformational change post-COVID

Thank you very much, Mr. President. President of IOE, Erol Kiresepi, Secretary-General Roberto Suarez Santos, Director-General Guy Ryder, Presidents of the national employers organizations, Ladies and Gentlemen,