Combating terrorism

08 April 2016, Geneva

Remarks at Geneva Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the Geneva Conference on preventing Violent Extremism. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

Comme vous le savez, en janvier dernier, j’ai présenté à l’Assemblée générale un plan d’action pour la prévention de l’extrémisme violent. J’ai noté avec satisfaction l’appui vigoureux que celui-ci a reçu, et notamment la décision de l’Assemblée de l’approuver par consensus. Je me félicite également que vous soyez venus si nombreux ici aujourd’hui.

08 April 2016, Geneva

Opening remarks at press encounter with Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter at the Geneva Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

I am very much pleased to be joined by His Excellency Mr. Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

I want to sincerely thank the Swiss Government and Foreign Minister for co-hosting the Geneva Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism.

I am greatly encouraged that so many Ministers and Heads of Regional and UN Organizations have come together to focus on solutions and share best practices to prevent violent extremism. We have had extremely productive discussions this morning.

30 March 2016, Stockholm

Remarks at Dag Hammarskjöld lecture: “Evolving Threats, Timeless Values: The United Nations In A Changing Global Landscape”

I thank the Government and people of Sweden for a very warm welcome.

It is a singular honour to be in this magnificent and legendary City Hall … among this most distinguished audience ... to deliver a lecture named for a towering hero of humanity.

Dag Hammarskjöld was Swede through and through, but he also belonged to the world.

I feel both privileged and humbled to be serving in the role he once filled so masterfully.

26 March 2016, Baghdad

Opening remarks at press conference following meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

As-salaam ‘alaykum

Good afternoon.

Great pleasure for me to visit Iraq again, I am pleased to be back in Baghdad for my eighth visit as Secretary-General and I am very much impressed by all the progress you have been making, particularly against Daesh.

Before I go on on specific issues, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to the people and Government of Iraq, and particularly those members of the families affected by terrorist attacks yesterday in Iskanderiyeh, south of Baghdad.

26 March 2016, Baghdad

Address to Iraq’s Council of Representatives

I am honoured to be here again in Iraq, the cradle of civilization, this time with Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, and Dr. Ahmad Ali Al-Madani, President of the Islamic Development Bank.

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I would like to start by offering my deepest condolences to all Iraqis, and particularly the families and friends of those killed in yesterday’s bomb attack at a football stadium in Iskanderiyeh, south of Baghdad.

17 December 2015, Security Council

Remarks to Security Council meeting of Finance Ministers on Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Mr. President, let me begin by thanking the Government of the United States for its leadership in convening this historic first-ever Security Council meeting of Finance Ministers.

I salute your decision to focus on countering the financing of terrorism.

As Da’esh and other terrorist groups disseminate their hateful propaganda and ratchet up murderous attacks, we must join forces to prevent them from acquiring and deploying resources to do further harm.

We know the challenge before us.

28 October 2015, Madrid

Remarks at the Club de Madrid Madrid+10: Global Dialogue on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

I am honoured to be invited to address you on this important and timely topic.

The Club de Madrid has long distinguished itself as a useful forum where former leaders can continue to contribute their unique perspectives on the pressing challenges of our time.

Violent extremism poses a direct threat to international peace and security.

Extremist groups – such as Daesh, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram – undermine universal values of dignity and the worth of the human person.

29 September 2015, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Leaders' Summit Countering Violent Extremism

Thank you, President Obama, for your strong leadership and very inspiring and visionary statement today. I would like to also thank you for hosting this very important Leaders’ Summit this morning, after the very successful and meaningful White House Summit meeting on Countering Violent Extremism in February, in Washington, DC.

Since then, this process has sparked serious conversations around the world to address the menace at its roots.

24 August 2015, Abuja

Remarks at 4th anniversary commemoration of UN House terror attack

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. I am standing before you, unlike normal circumstances. I am very much humbled to be with you today thinking about our fallen colleagues, 23 colleagues, and many people, staff who have been injured and still are suffering from this pain and trauma. This vicious terrorist attack happened almost 4 years ago – 3 days before—August 27.

We pay tribute to the 23 fallen colleagues, women and men who were so brutally stolen from us. We reaffirm our commitment to keep faith with their families.

18 August 2015, Security Council

Remarks to Security Council on Regional Organizations and Contemporary Global Security Challenges

I welcome this opportunity to discuss regional organizations and contemporary global security challenges. I thank Her Excellency Ambassador Ogwu for Nigeria’s initiative to organize this very important meeting.

I have always valued cooperation with regional and sub-regional organizations, which have gained greater influence in recent years.

Today I will focus on how to strengthen partnerships so that we can improve our collective response to evolving threats.