Dialogue of civilizations, tolerance

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26 September 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks to High-Level Event on the Power of Education for Countering Racism and Discrimination: The Case of anti-Semitism

I thank UNESCO and its Director General, Audrey Azoulay, for bringing us together to focus on anti-Semitism and education. 
Jews continue to be attacked for no other reason than their identity. 
And anti-Semitism is not a problem for the Jewish community alone. 
Where there is anti-Semitism, there are likely to be other discriminatory ideologies and forms of bias – feeding each other in a cauldron of contempt.  
Today, hatred also targets religious minorities, migrants and refugees is particularly virulent.

18 September 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at 33rd Annual International Prayer Breakfast

It is a pleasure to join you again for this annual event as we begin a new session of the General Assembly.

We have a full week ahead, as Heads of State and Government arrive, and then a very busy session in the months to follow.  

The world faces urgent challenges, from climate change and inequality to armed conflict and intolerance, especially targeting migrants and refugees. We have to raise ambition across the board.

24 September 2018, General Assembly

Remarks at Nelson Mandela Peace Summit

Nelson Mandela was one of humanity’s great leaders.
He embodied the highest values of the United Nations.  
He devoted his life to serving his community – as a lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, a peacemaker, President and a respected elder.
He cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all people live together in equality and harmony. 
This was a bedrock cause for which he was prepared to fight and die. 

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20 March 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Nowruz Celebration

It is indeed an enormous pleasure to be back in this wonderful celebration.
I think we all recognize that nothing in our world is more important than the spirit of Nowruz.
When we see all the conflicts around the world.
When we see the plight of migrants and refugees.
When we see the rise of xenophobia and racism in so many parts of the world. 

09 February 2018, PyeongChang

Remarks to the press following his meeting with Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee

Secretary-General António Guterres (left) receives an Olympic torch from Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, at the IOC office in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Thank you Mr. President [Thomas Bach], I want to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for this kind invitation to be here in PyeongChang at the Winter Olympics. We do it with enormous pleasure and enormous honor