Human Rights, democracy

25 March 2019, General Assembly

Remarks for International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Slavery and the transatlantic slave trade were among history’s most appalling manifestations of human brutality.
On this International Day of Remembrance, we pay homage to the millions of African men, women and children who were denied their humanity and forced to endure abominable cruelty across centuries.
The enslaved peoples from Africa were irrevocably harmed, and in many instances killed, by an institution that should never have existed.
Yet they were far more than victims.

29 March 2019, Security Council

Remarks to the Security Council on Mali

[Bilingual, as delivered; scroll further down for all-English]

Je vous remercie pour l’opportunité qui m’est donnée de briefer le Conseil. Je souhaite la bienvenue à Son Excellence le Premier Ministre Maïga.
Nous avons tous été horrifiés par la récente recrudescence de la violence dans le centre du Mali, en particulier par le meurtre d’au moins 160 civils le week-end dernier dans le village d’Ogossagou, dans la région de Mopti.

30 March 2019, Tunis

Opening remarks at joint press conference with Libya Quartet members

Shukran. I’d like first of all to express my deep gratitude to Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, for convening this meeting and for his very strong commitment to strengthen the cooperation among our four organizations.

31 March 2019, Tunis

Remarks to the Summit of the League of Arab States

Monsieur le Président, merci infiniment pour l’invitation. Je remercie le peuple tunisien de son hospitalité.
Your Majesties, 
Your Royal Highnesses, 
As salaam alaikum.
I am here to further deepen the relationship between the United Nations, the League of Arab States and the peoples of the Arab world.
North Africa and the Middle East are home to remarkable dynamism and potential. It is a region long-striving to build peace and prosperity. I believe it is vital for this region to assume that destiny. 

02 April 2019, Cairo

Remarks at Al Azhar mosque

Secretary-General António Guterres speaks at the Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo where he expressed his solidarity and underscored the need to fight the scourge of Islamophobia, as well as all forms of hatred and bigotry. UN Photo/Mahmoud Abd ELLatiff

As salaam alaikum.
I am honoured to address you in this esteemed seat of Islamic learning.
Standing here, one cannot fail to feel the impressive weight of more than 1,000 years of history, culture, scholarship and worship.
As Secretary-General of the UN, and as a man of faith, I have come to express my respect for Islam and my solidarity with its followers in these turbulent times.
It is less than a month since a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, took the lives of 50 worshippers of all ages.

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