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04 May 2022, Abuja

Secretary-General's remarks at Wreath-Laying Ceremony at UN House in Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, honoured guests and family members.

August 26, 2011 is a date that is burned into the collective memory of our UN family.

On that tragic day, an appalling terrorist attack on UN House left 23 UN employees and civilians dead, and more than 60 injured.

Those staff members who lost their lives were unsung heroes who proudly served Nigerians through our organization’s work.

Clerks, receptionists and drivers.

A national professional officer and an associate expert.

A monitoring and evaluation specialist.

05 April 2022, Security Council

Secretary-General's remarks at the UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

Secretary-General António Guterres (centre) addresses the Security Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine. UN Photo/Manuel Elías

Madame President, Excellencies,

The war in Ukraine is one of the greatest challenges ever to the international order and the global peace architecture, founded on the United Nations Charter.

29 March 2022, General Assembly

Secretary-General's remarks at General Assembly event marking the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

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It is my privilege to join you as we pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the transatlantic slave trade.
There is much that we know about the trade in enslaved Africans, and today is a day we remember: the crime against humanity; the unprecedented mass human trafficking; the degrading economic transactions and unspeakable human rights violations.

But there is also much that we do not know, and today must be a day of learning.

15 March 2022, UN Headquarters

Secretary-General's opening remarks to the Group of Friends on Gender Parity

Excellencies, Friends,

I am pleased to join you today.

I thank H.E. Ms. Mariam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad, Minister of Social Development and the Family of the State of Qatar, and H.E. Prof. Jeannette Bayisenge, Minister of Gender and Family Promotion of Rwanda, for their support and commitment to advancing gender parity.

The Group of Friends has been an important and strong partner to the Organization in our journey towards gender parity.

16 March 2022, UN Headquarters

Secretary-General's remarks at virtual High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

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I thank the Governments of Sweden and Switzerland for again co-hosting this conference, and the representatives of governments and organizations with us today for your solidarity with the people of Yemen.

Yemen may have receded from the headlines, but the human suffering has not relented.

For seven years and counting the Yemeni people have been confronting death, destruction, displacement, starvation, terror, division, and destitution on a massive scale.

16 March 2022, UN Headquarters

Secretary-General's opening remarks at Town Hall Meeting with Women's Civil Society at the Commission on the Status of Women

It is a great pleasure to be here with all of you.

The Town Hall during the Commission on the Status of Women is an important and regular fixture in my calendar. I never miss it.  I welcome this opportunity to meet with women’s organizations and feminist civil society, and to hear your ideas and concerns as I’ve said. 

Let’s be clear.

Gender equality is essentially a question of power.  And power has for millennia been concentrated in the hands of men, to the detriment of all.

17 March 2022, UN Headquarters

Secretary-General's remarks to the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (Part 1)

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Five decades ago, the United Nations created the category of Least Developed Countries.  

This was a clear recognition of two fundamental truths.  

First, different histories, vulnerabilities and structural inequalities — often not of these countries’ making — were posing enormous obstacles to climbing the development ladder.  

Second, every country deserves a level playing field to unlock its human potential and build strong, resilient economies.   

17 March 2022, UN Headquarters

Secretary-General's remarks at Meeting of the Members of the Forum of Small States

It is a pleasure for me to meet you today to resume our discussion on “Our Common Agenda”.

And allow me to congratulate one of our small states that is a steadfast supporter of multilateralism on your national day – Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland!

First, I would like to update you on progress on the proposals in the report since we last met in October 2021.

The General Assembly adopted an important resolution on Our Common Agenda by consensus, with an encouraging number of co-sponsors – 166 overall. Seventy-eight were members of the Forum of Small States.

23 March 2022

Secretary-General's remarks at the Security Council briefing on the Cooperation between the United Nations and the League of Arab States

Mister President,
Secretary-General Aboul Gheit [of the League of Arab States],

I welcome this opportunity to address the Security Council on the cooperation with the League of Arab States.

Strengthening our cooperation with regional organizations is a sine qua non for strengthening multilateralism globally.

We need partnership across all levels – from the local to the regional to the global.

The League of Arab States is critical across the spectrum of our work.

14 March 2022, General Assembly

Secretary-General's opening remarks at the Commission on the Status of Women

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It is a pleasure to join you in person to open one of the most energetic and dynamic annual events on the United Nations calendar: the Commission on the Status of Women. 

I welcome everyone here and online.

This year’s Commission on the Status of Women confronts one of the most urgent issues of our time.