Climate Change

13 September 2019, Nassau

Remarks to the press outside the NEMA Emergency Operations Centre

I want to pay tribute to the government and the people of the Bahamas for their extraordinary response to these tragic events.

14 September 2019, Nassau

Opening remarks at press encounter after Secretary-General’s visit to Abaco Island, Bahamas

I just came back from Abaco. I must say was horrified. I've never seen such a level of systematic devastation. Hurricane Dorian has been classified as category five. I think it's category hell. But it was not powered by the devil. We have always had many hurricanes, but now they are more intense, and they are more frequent, and they are powered by climate change. And so it's very important that international community learns two things from the example of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

16 September 2019, General Assembly

Remarks at the closing of the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

I am pleased to be with you for the closing of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Here, in this prestigious chamber, and in the building’s many conference rooms, you discuss, daily, humanity’s most pressing issues.
In our fast-changing world, these issues are increasingly interlinked. 
From the climate crisis to migration flows and rising inequality, from waves of intolerance to harnessing technology for good, one thing is certain: global issues require global solutions. 

18 September 2019, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at press conference at the outset of the 74th session of the General Assembly

Good afternoon.
It is good to see you again as we begin a new session of the General Assembly.
The world is at a critical moment on several fronts – the climate emergency, rising inequality, an increase in hatred and intolerance, as well as an alarming number of peace and security challenges. Tensions are rising everywhere.
As I have often said, there is no doubt that our fraying world needs international cooperation more than ever.  But simply saying it will not make it happen.

29 August 2019, Yokohama

Remarks at TICAD VII session on climate change and disaster risk reduction

Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the media at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), taking place in Yokohama, Japan. UN Japan/Ichiro Mae

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am pleased to be with you today to discuss the critical issue of reducing the risk of disasters flowing from the impacts of climate change.
I can think of no more appropriate place to be discussing this subject than here in Japan, where the Sendai Framework was agreed as a global blueprint for reducing risk and building resilience.
Little undermines development like disaster.
Decades of sustainable development gains can be wiped out overnight.

29 August 2019, Yokohama

Opening press remarks at the TICAD VII in Yokohama, Japan

We have just finished the thematic session on climate change and disaster risk reduction, but before entering into this area, I’d like to express my deep appreciation to the Japanese Government for its commitment to African development, so well shown in TICAD.
And TICAD VII is particularly relevant as its priority on people, innovation and technology is perfectly adapted to the challenges that Africa faces today.

26 August 2019, Biarritz

Opening remarks at press encounter at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France

I am here at the G7 Summit to mobilize for the Climate Summit that will take place in New York [in September] during the United Nations General Assembly.

01 August 2019, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at press encounter at UN Headquarters

Secretary-General António Guterres briefs reporters at UN Headquarters in New York. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Good afternoon. 
First August. It is the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere.
We are witnessing not only record global warming but global political tensions are also heating up.
Both are dangerous and both are avoidable. 
Let me begin with the climate emergency.  
We have always lived through hot summers.  But this is not the summer of our youth. 
This is not your grandfather’s summer. 

29 June 2019, Osaka

Remarks at Climate Change Trilateral Meeting with Foreign Ministers of China and France

I'd like, first of all, to express my enormous appreciation for what has been, indeed a contribution, of China and France on our way towards effective action, and I recall that, last year, it was not obvious that we would be successful in Katowice, and the meeting that we had in Buenos Aires was instrumental to create that success.

30 June 2019, Abu Dhabi

Remarks to Climate Summit Preparatory Meeting

Your Highness, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,
I am very pleased to join you today.
I want to thank the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates for hosting this important meeting, with the wonderful hospitality, and at the same time, I want to urge all participants to seize this opportunity to take bold climate action.
We are here because the world is facing a grave climate emergency.
Climate disruption is happening now, and it is happening to all of us.