African issues

23 February 2016, Bujumbura

Remarks at press conference in Burundi

Je suis très heureux d’être ici, à Bujumbura. Je viens juste de m’entretenir avec le Président, Pierre Nkurunziza. Nos discussions ont été sincères et productives.

Je me trouve au Burundi au moment où le pays est en crise. Nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de le voir resombrer.

23 February 2016, North Kivu

Opening remarks at press encounter at Mungote IDP camp, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Je suis très heureux d’être de retour dans la province [du Nord Kivu] de la République démocratique du Congo. Je suis reconnaissant pour l’accueil très chaleureux de la population, merci.

Je suis très ému aujourd’hui par tout ce que j’ai entendu et ce que j’ai vu moi-même. Je suis très humble et très touché. En tant que Secrétaire général, je vais à la rencontre des plus vulnérables, des fragiles. Je voudrais être leur avocat, la voix de ceux qui n’en ont pas.

31 January 2016, Ogolcho

Opening remarks at press encounter during visit to area affected by drought in Ethiopia

I’m very moved to be in this Oromia region with the Deputy Prime Minister. I am here with the Executive Director of the World Food Programme. Thank you very much for your warm welcome.

I come from a very impressive, moving and interesting visit to a health post, a water borehole and this food distribution and cash transfer point. This is a very moving experience for me as Secretary-General to witness myself how the Ethiopian Government and the United Nations agencies, the World Bank, all humanitarian workers are working together to address difficult challenges.

31 January 2016, Addis Ababa

Opening remarks at press conference at the 26th African Union Summit

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, bonjour mesdames et messieurs. I am very pleased to be here with some of our senior advisers of the United Nations, who are sitting in the front line and are sitting with me.

I will start with a few words on the talks in Geneva that are aimed at bringing an end to the horrific five-year-long conflict in Syria.

I am glad these talks have started. The Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura is now leading the talks. These talks are long overdue.

31 January 2016, Addis Ababa

Remarks to the Ethiopia humanitarian donors roundtable

Welcome to this Donor Round Table. I thank the Government of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Humanitarian Community for organizing this important platform at a challenging time.

Ethiopia is battling the effects of one of the most powerful El Niño events in recorded history, made worse by the impact of climate change.

The people of this beautiful country are facing their worst drought in thirty years.

30 January 2016, Addis Ababa

Remarks at luncheon of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance

I am pleased to be here in Addis Ababa to meet with so many leaders of the African Union and to talk about our shared effort to defeat one of the world’s biggest killers.

I am talking, of course, about malaria.

Given the heavy burden of the disease in this region, you are in a unique position to reflect on the progress made over the past 15 years, and the challenges that remain.

The malaria target of the Millennium Development Goals to halt and reverse the incidence of the disease has been reached on a global level. This is a remarkable achievement.

30 January 2016, Addis Ababa

Remarks at 26th African Union Summit, “2016: African Year of Human Rights”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the 26th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Je suis très honoré de participer une nouvelle fois au sommet annuel de l’Union africaine à Addis-Abeba. Comme c’est la dernière que je le ferai en tant que Secrétaire général de l’ONU, l’occasion est d’autant plus importante pour moi.

Ces dix dernières années, l’Union africaine a fait de grands progrès dans la concrétisation de sa vision de paix et de prospérité. L’ONU est fière de vous avoir accompagnés sur ce chemin.

Je me félicite que vous ayez décidé cette année de mettre l’accent sur les droits de l’homme, et en particulier sur les droits des femmes.

29 January 2016, Addis Ababa

Remarks to the African Union Peace and Security Council

It is a pleasure to be here in Addis Ababa and to address the African Union Peace and Security Council again.

I would like to say a few words about all three of the items on your agenda today: counter-terrorism, and the crises in South Sudan and Burundi.

Terrorism and violent extremism are a growing threat on this continent. Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Boko Haram, and the Lord’s Resistance Army have established a presence and expanded their activities across borders.

Terrorism is also impacting peace operations, particularly in Mali and Somalia.

12 October 2015, UN Headquarters

Remarks to High-Level Event marking Africa Week

I am pleased to join with you in marking Africa Week 2015. I commend your theme of moving from aspirations to actions – and your focus on integration and unlocking the full potential of trade.

The year 2015 is indeed a critical time for global action.

Operationalizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development -- and Agenda 2063 of the African Union -- will be a key to our success in ensuring a life of dignity for all.

01 October 2015, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the High-Level Meeting on the Central African Republic

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Je vous remercie de votre soutien au peuple de la République centrafricaine.