07 September 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at Staff Day opening ceremony and memorial wreath-laying

It is a pleasure to join you again for Staff Day and I am glad to know that this tradition has been firmly re-established.
Let me start by acknowledging the President of the Staff Union and thanking her and their team, for their initiative and their commitment to the staff in general, and to the staff day in particular.

07 September 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Peacebuilding Commission Ambassadorial-Level Meeting on “Leadership, Accountability and Capacities”

Thank you for your focus today on enhancing leadership, capacities and accountability to sustain peace.
Effective, responsible and accountable leadership – supported by the right capacities and resources – lies at the heart of my vision for sustaining peace.
It is also crucial for fostering coherent and effective action in support of national governments and their people.

06 September 2018, General Assembly

Remarks at General Assembly observance of the International Day against Nuclear Tests

I am very pleased to be with you for this important observance.
Last month I visited Japan and met with survivors of the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki.
Through the testimony of the survivors, the Hibakusha, we are reminded of the need to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again.
On the annual observance of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests we highlight the inextricable connection between testing and the elimination of nuclear weapons.

05 September 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at launch of the New Climate Economy report

I am very pleased to join you for the launch of the New Climate Economy report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.
I want to thank the Co-Chairs, Lord Nicholas Stern and Ngozi Knokjo-Iweala, as well as former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, for their leadership.
Over the past four years, the Commission has helped to advance understanding of the links between economic prosperity, sustainable development and climate change.

29 August 2018, Security Council

Remarks to Security Council's debate on the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Mediation and the Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts

War is becoming increasingly complex – and so is mediating peace.
Today, internal conflicts frequently take on regional and transnational dimensions.  Many feature a deadly mix of fragmented armed groups and political interests, funded by criminal activities.
Conflicts around the world drag on for years and decades, holding back development and stunting opportunities.
Comprehensive peace agreements are becoming more elusive and short-lived. Political will wanes; international attention drifts.

28 August 2018, Security Council

Remarks to the Security Council on Myanmar

I join you today with a heavy heart. 
The massive refugee emergency that began one year ago in Rakhine State, Myanmar, has become one of the world’s worst humanitarian and human rights crises. 
Last month, I visited Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and heard stories of horrendous persecution and suffering.
One father broke down as he told me how his son was shot dead in front of him.  His mother was brutally murdered and his house burned to the ground. 

22 August 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at wreath-laying for Kofi Annan

Secretary-General António Guterres pays his respects during a ceremony honouring the memory and legacy of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who passed away on 18 August 2018. UN Photo/Manuel Elias

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17 August 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks at wreath-laying ceremony marking 15th Anniversary of the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad

Dear Colleagues and Friends, survivors and families,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would ask you all please to observe a minute of silence in memory of our dear fallen colleagues.

We are here to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the values and the Charter of the United Nations, and for the people of Iraq.

Fifteen years ago this week, twenty-two of our colleagues died in a horrific terrorist attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad.

18 August 2018, UN Headquarters

Statement on the passing of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan

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10 August 2018, UN Headquarters

Remarks to press on appointment of Michelle Bachelet as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am delighted that the General Assembly has confirmed the appointment of Ms. Michelle Bachelet as the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Ms. Bachelet has been as formidable a figure in her native Chile as she has at the United Nations.
At home, she has known the heights and the depths – as the first woman to serve as the country’s President, but also as a survivor of brutality by the authorities targeting her and her family many decades ago.