18 December 2019, Rome

Remarks on Multilateral Solutions to Global Challenges at the Italian Senate

E’ un grande onore per me essere qui, a Palazzo Madama, per rivolgermi a voi e, tramite voi, a tutto il popolo italiano, per la mia ultima visita di quest’anno.

L'Italia è un partner fondamentale delle Nazioni Unite; il vostro paese dà un importante contributo alle operazioni di pace dell’ONU ed ospita alcune delle sue istituzioni.

17 December 2019, Geneva

Opening remarks at Global Refugee Forum

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a pleasure to join you.
If I may, I would like to begin with a short personal reflection.
Coming to Geneva for this refugee forum carries great meaning and emotions for me.
I feel I am among friends – not only good colleagues past and present, but also friends of one of the great causes of these or any times: answering the plight of people forced from their homes by war, conflict or persecution. 

17 December 2019, Geneva

Opening remarks at joint press conference with Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  It is a true pleasure to be back in Geneva.  Having worked as High Commissioner for Refugees for 10 years, it is heartening to see the international community come together today in support of refugees and host communities.  Global forced displacement has been rising steadily in recent years.  When I started in 2005 as High Commissioner for Refugees, there were 38 million people displaced in the world and we were helping one million people go back home every year.  And for many of our colleagues, there was a sensation that soon UNHCR would have no reaso

12 December 2019, Madrid

Remarks at COP25 event on Climate Action for Jobs

Dear friends,
We are still losing the climate race.
On our current trajectory we are looking at a 3- to 4-degree temperature rise by the end of the century.
But we can choose another path. 
The path of climate action and well-being for people and planet. 
And this path is about people’s jobs, health, education, opportunities, and their future.
Today, millions of workers are on the front lines of climate impacts.
Many in sectors like tourism and agriculture are losing livelihoods.

01 December 2019, Madrid

Opening remarks at pre-COP25 press conference

Muy buenas tardes.

Good afternoon.

For many decades the human species has been at war with the planet. And the planet is fighting back.

The World Meteorological Organization is releasing its State of the Climate report at this conference.

And its findings are clear.

The last five years have been the hottest ever recorded.

Sea levels are the highest in human history.

Ice caps are melting at unprecedented speed and the oceans are becoming more acidic with all its consequences.

Biodiversity on land and sea is under severe attack.

02 December 2019, Madrid

Remarks at Climate Vulnerable Forum at COP25

Ladies and gentlemen,

02 December 2019, Madrid

Remarks at opening ceremony of UN Climate Change Conference COP25

Secretary-General António Guterres briefs journalists at a pre-COP25 UN climate change conference in Madrid. UNFCCC

Honourable guests,
All protocol observed,
Quiero agradecer a los gobiernos de Chile y de España por haber trabajado juntos en un espíritu de multilateralismo inclusivo para tornar a esta COP25 posible y felicitarlos por la impecable organización conseguida en un tan corto espacio de tiempo. Felicitaciones y muchas gracias.
Such solidarity and flexibility are what we need in the race to beat the climate emergency.

02 December 2019, Madrid

Remarks to Roundtable with Heads of State & Government at COP25

You are all presidents, prime ministers, ministers, political leaders. I am no longer a politician but there was a time in which I was Prime Minister of my country and I remember that at the time - 20 years ago - we approved legislation that forced the grid, the electrical grid, to buy all renewable energy produced at a, at the time, subsidized price. That was probably one of the reasons why Portugal today has a very high percentage of renewable energy in its energy needs.

26 November 2019, Berlin

Remarks to the media during joint stakeout with Chancellor Angela Merkel

It is always a pleasure to be here in Germany, a steadfast supporter of the United Nations, a pillar of multilateralism, and currently, a very strong voice on the Security Council.

I am looking forward to my talks with Chancellor Merkel, focusing on some of the situations on the Security Council agenda, and particularly including Syria and Libya.

26 November 2019, Berlin

Remarks to the Internet Governance Forum

Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the 14th UN Internet Governance Forum, taking place this year in Berlin, Germany. UN Photo/Tobias Hofsaess

Dear chancellor Angela Merkel,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,

I am extremely pleased to be with you today.

And I am honoured to be sharing the stage with Chancellor Merkel.

I am also privileged to share with her a unique background: we were both first trained in the sciences, she as a physicist and a chemist, and I as an electrical engineer.

Then we both lost our way and ended up as politicians!

As public servants, we are entrusted with helping to address the most pressing issues of the day.