26 July 2007, San Francisco

Address to the World Affairs Council of San Francisco

This is by far the largest gathering which I have ever addressed in my seven months as Secretary-General. I'm very grateful for your presence here, in the birthplace of the United Nations, and for your support for our shared goals.

16 July 2007, Washington, D.C.

Remarks at Event: "Climate change: The Defining Challenge"

Thank you, Ambassador Lee, for your kind words. It is an honour and a pleasure to be among so many good friends and well-wishers.

As you all know, things can get rather hot for the UN in this city. That can sometimes prompt a decidedly cool reception for a visiting Secretary-General. So I guess it’s entirely appropriate that I should come to Washington to talk about global warming and climate change!

07 May 2007, New York

Remarks to a Luncheon Hosted by the Friends of the World Federation of United Nations Associations

Thank you, Ambassador Luers.

Ambassador vanden Heuvel,
Mr. Ross, Honorary President, World Federation of United Nations Associations,
Mr. Blix, President of the World Federation,
Ms. Wells, Secretary-General of the World Federation,

I am delighted to be among such steadfast friends and allies of the United Nations. Gatherings such as yours provide a tremendous source of strength to me in my job as Secretary-General.

16 March 2007, New York

Opening remarks to meeting on the International Compact with Iraq

Vice-President Mahdi,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank you all for attending this meeting and for your commitment to the International Compact with Iraq.

The preparatory process for the Compact has been under way in Baghdad since July 2006. This process, which included two high-level meetings in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, has brought together the Government of Iraq and the international community in an effort to develop a mechanism that would help Iraq to realize its national vision.

02 March 2007, New York

Remarks at the opening of the exhibition “Lest We Forget -- The Triumph over Slavery”

I thank all the friends and partners who were involved in making this exhibition possible.  The Governments of the Caribbean Community, the Government of India, and the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture have produced a moving and fascinating show.  I am proud of the United Nations' contributions to this effort.

16 January 2007, Washington, D.C.

Address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Thank you, Dr. Brzezinski, for those kind words. I feel it is I who should be praising you. You are rightly known around the world for your keen geopolitical instincts, and your uncanny ability to accurately predict world-changing events. I hope you and I can discuss this later, one to one, as a crystal ball could come in very handy in my job.

10 January 2007, New York

Address to the UNA-USA Business Council for the United Nations and the Association for a Better New York

Ambassador [William] Luers,

Chairman Rudin,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

11 December 2006, Truman Library

In Truman Library speech, Annan says UN remains best tool to achieve key goals of international relations

Thank you, Senator [Hagel] for that wonderful introduction. It is a great honor to be introduced by such a distinguished legislator. And thanks to you, Mr. Devine, and all your staff, and to the wonderful UNA chapter of Kansas City , for all you have done to make this occasion possible.

08 December 2006, Time Warner Center

Urging end to impunity, Annan sets forth ideas to bolster UN efforts to protect human rights

My dear friends,

Thank you all for being here. I could not ask for better company, on the last International Human Rights Day of my time in office, than this group of courageous human rights leaders from around the world.

28 November 2006, Princeton University

Role of disarmament, non-proliferation examined in Princeton lecture

Let me begin by saying how delighted I am to have been invited to give this address by a School named after Woodrow Wilson, the great pioneer of multilateralism and advocate of world peace, who argued, among other things, for agreed international limits on deadly weapons.