08 August 2016, Buenos Aires

Remarks to Argentine Council for International Relations

Buenos días. 

This is my third visit to Argentina as Secretary-General.  

I am pleased to be with you in this landmark year. 

¡Felicitaciones a la República Argentina en el bicentenario de su independencia!   
[Congratulations to the Republic of Argentina on the bicentennial of your independence]

I thank the Council for International Relations for inviting me.

I value the Council’s important research, analysis and advocacy on international peace and security. 

04 August 2016, Rio de Janeiro

Remarks to Refugee Olympic Team

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (centre) meets with the Olympic Refugee Team at the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. UN Photo/Mark Garten

I know you have had very sad, terrible stories and experiences, but you are a source of inspiration for all of us. Your stories are very sad but, at the same time, you can be a source of hope for many people. 

04 August 2016, Rio de Janeiro

Remarks at the International Olympic Committee President's dinner

I would like to thank President Bach and the International Olympic Committee for their kind invitation and leadership in organizing the 31st Olympic Games.

I also want to thank the people and government of Brazil, particularly the citizens of Rio, for their warm welcome and cooperation to help make the Rio Olympics a great success.

This special dinner brings together leaders from the worlds of government, business, the media, science, culture and sport.

30 June 2016, Chicago

Remarks at the Lions Clubs International Convention

I am delighted to send greetings to the Lions Clubs International on the occasion of your 100th anniversary celebration.

The United Nations deeply values our collaboration with Lions Clubs International.  Our relationship dates back to the adoption of the United Nations Charter more than 70 years ago in San Francisco, when Lions Clubs helped to formulate the non-governmental section of our founding document.

23 June 2016, Havana

Remarks at the signing of the bilateral ceasefire agreement between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of Colombia, shakes hands with Timoleón Jiménez, Commander of the FARC-EP, at the ceremony in Havana for the signing of a ceasefire. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

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Excelentísimo Señor Raúl Castro Ruz, Presidente de Cuba,
Excelentísimo Señor Juan Manuel Santos, Presidente de Colombia,
Distinguidos Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno,
Señor Timoleón Jiménez,
Excelentísimo Mogens Lykketoft, Presidente de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas
Excelentísimo François Delattre, Presidente del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas
Distinguidos miembros de la comunidad diplomática y honorables huéspedes,
Señoras y señores,

13 June 2016, New York

Remarks at meeting with the pilots of the Solar Impulse

Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Initiator, Chairman and Pilot of the Solar Impulse,
Mr. André Borschberg, Pilot of the Solar Impulse,
Mr. Olivier Zehnder, Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland,
Ladies and gentlemen,

What a delight to welcome the Solar Impulse to New York.

I have followed this audacious, historic and transformative expedition from day one.

In April, I also had the unique privilege of speaking with Dr. Piccard by video while he piloted the Solar Impulse across the Pacific.

09 June 2016, New York

Remarks at Wildlife Conservation Society Gala 2016

Mr. Cristián Samper, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Wildlife Conservation Society,
Mr. James J. Breheny, Executive Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Director of the Bronx Zoo,
Ms. Antonia M. Grumbach, Chair of the Board of the Wildlife Conservation Society,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I thank the Wildlife Conservation Society for inviting me to speak tonight.

08 June 2016, New York

Remarks at World Oceans Day event for Hokule'a

Your Excellency, Mr. Tommy Esang Remengesau Jr., President of the Republic of Palau, Mr. Nainoa Thompson, President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Ladies and gentlemen,

Happy Oceans Day!

I am delighted to be here to welcome the Hôkûle’a to New York.

On behalf of the United Nations: congratulations on arriving here!

This is my tenth year as Secretary-General so I have seen the United Nations from many angles. But I never had this view of our Headquarters.

Today I will speak briefly about perspective.

19 May 2016, New York

Remarks at the Honorary Degree Ceremony at Marymount Manhattan College

It is a pleasure to join you today. Thank you for this great honour. I know that, through me, you are also recognizing the United Nations and its diverse and dedicated staff. We are grateful for this expression of support for our ideals and for our work.

I have one question, though. I understand that one of Marymount’s theatre arts graduates has appeared in one of Broadway’s current smash hits.

Does that mean this honorary degree comes with two tickets to “Hamilton”?!

Thank you for welcoming me into the Marymount community.

18 May 2016, New York

Remarks at Columbia University Commencement

Thank you for this great honour. I know that, through me, you are recognizing the efforts of tens of thousands of men and women who work across the world for peace, development and human rights.

The United Nations treasures its partnership with Columbia University. We are not just neighbours in New York; we are allies across the world.

I want to share two simple and short messages.

First, despite the dangers we face, remember that you are graduating into an era of wondrous opportunity.

We are appalled by war crimes in Syria and elsewhere.