11 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action

Thank you for your leadership and engagement.

The global thermostat is rising. So is our awareness of the risks posed by climate change.

Like never before, there is a shared understanding that we are in this together.

And together is the only way we will transform this crisis into an opportunity.

Now is the time for decisive global action on climate change.

The more we delay, the more we will pay.

As you know, I hosted a Climate Summit in September in New York.

10 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at opening of "Momentum for Change" event

I am pleased to join you for this year’s Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award ceremony.

I thank Señora [Christiana] Figueres [Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change] and UNFCCC colleagues as well as our many partners for creating this platform to recognize the world’s leading lights on addressing climate change on the ground.

This is the third such event – and the third time I have attended.

Every year, the ideas get better.

Thank goodness they do, because time is running out.

10 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at Head of State segment of 20th Conference of Parties

I am honoured to address this important forum.

At the Climate Summit I hosted in September in New York, President [Ollanta] Humala [of Peru] called for “the greatest alliance” the world has ever seen to combat climate change. I highly commend the leadership and vision of President Humala of Peru, and I'm confident that under his visionary leadership, I will be able to leave Lima, after a few days, laying down a firm foundation for a meaningful and global climate change agreement next year in Paris.

09 December 2014, Lima

Opening remarks at press conference at UN Climate Change Conference

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,
Señoras y señores, buenos tardes, mucho gusto.

First of all, it is a great pleasure to meet you on this occasion. Thank you for your time, and I’d like to apologize sincerely for postponing my press conference because [this morning’s] conference was going on and I couldn’t leave! Thank you very much again.

Ladies and gentlemen,

09 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at closing of “Caring for climate” Business Forum organized by Global Compact

[As prepared for delivery]

It is a great pleasure to join you. This is my third time attending the Caring for Climate Business Forum. I commend its leadership and I applaud your initiatives to address climate change.

I thank all of you who took part in the Climate Summit in September in New York. We showed the world that leaders of governments, civil society, financial institutions and businesses can come together to respond to the climate challenge.

09 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at the High-Level Segment of the 20th UNFCCC Conference of Parties

Secretary-General ban Ki-moon addresses the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Deseo ante todo dar las gracias al Presidente Humala y al Gobierno y al pueblo del Perú por su hospitalidad en esta histórica ciudad de Lima, y encomiar al Presidente Humala por su liderazgo en la esfera del cambio climático.

[Let me begin by thanking President Humala, and the government and people of Peru for hosting us in this historic city of Lima. I commend President Humala for his leadership on climate change.]

I carry a message of hope and urgency.

08 December 2014, Chicago

Remarks at press encounter with Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago

Thank you very much.

It is wonderful to be here in Chicago.

I have visited this great city several times.

I had the chance to meet Mayor Emanuel when I came in 2012 for the NATO Summit. He was a very gracious host then – and today I am grateful to him for taking me on a tour of this impressive Rookery building.

I commend the Mayor’s leadership on climate change and energy efficiency. His Retrofit Chicago programme is an example of the kind of ambitious local action that can advance our global climate efforts.

08 December 2014, Chicago

Remarks to the Extraordinary 70th Anniversary Session of the International Civil Aviation Organization Council

What a historic event. Thank you very much for the honour of participating in the extraordinary anniversary session of ICAO [the International Civil Aviation Organization].

Today we look back on 70 years of success – and we look ahead to new global challenges.

In 1944, this hotel was still elegant as it is today – but a night in the best room cost only nine dollars. Today, I don't know how much it costs, the most expensive suite, you will have to check. There must be a huge difference!

02 December 2014, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Address at the Harvard Foundation

Secretary-General Ban speaks at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he received the prestigious institute’s Humanitarian of the Year award. UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I am delighted to be here at historic Memorial church.

When Professor Counter invited me, he told me I would be the most famous Korean ever to speak at this church. I accepted right away. Then he added, “since last year”.

I hope you enjoyed Psy’s appearance. I won’t be showing you any Gangnam style today. But perhaps you will enjoy my “Moon walk”!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

24 November 2014, New York

Remarks to lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building for the UNiTe to End Violence Against Women Campaign

Mr. Jean-Yves Ghazi,
Ms. Teri Hatcher,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour to be here at the Empire State Building to launch the campaign, Orange Your Neighbourhood.

New York City is the United Nations’ neighbourhood, so we are turning the Empire State Building and the UN building orange to raise awareness of the very serious subject of ending violence against women and girls.

I thank Mr. Jean-Yves Ghazi and Ms. Teri Hatcher for their support for this important campaign.