19 February 2015, Washington, D.C.

Remarks at Summit for Countering Violent Extremism

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ddresses the opening of the Ministerial Meeting of the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism  in Washington, D.C. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Honourable Secretary of State John Kerry, Distinguished Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank President Barack Obama and Secretary Kerry for convening this important gathering on preventing violent extremism and thank you for your leadership and strong commitment, and eloquent speech and giving us good way forward so that we can work together to defeat this violent extremism and terrorism, and discuss how we can build upon what we have been doing so far.

12 February 2015, New York

Remarks at Waitangi Day celebration hosted by New Zealand

Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful celebration. Happy Waitangi Day!

I am delighted to be here. I deeply appreciate the UN’s partnership with New Zealand. And I am especially impressed by Maori culture.

Last year, I visited Taupo to see the Tuaropaki Trust. The indigenous people there have built a thriving modern business based on timeless ancient wisdom. This was an inspiring example of sustainable development in action.

16 January 2015, San Salvador

Remarks at joint press conference with President Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador

Estoy muy feliz de estar en El Salvador. Muchas gracias por su hospitalidad hermosa.

I am honoured to be here to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords.

El Salvador and the United Nations have a long and special relationship.

The Salvadoran peace process heavily influenced the way the United Nations works to this day on peace, security and human rights issues around the world.

My predecessor, Secretary-General, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, has played a pivotal role in securing peace.

16 January 2015, San Salvador

Remarks at ceremony for XXIII Anniversary of the Peace Agreements in El Salvador

Como esta ceremonia muestra, las Naciones Unidas y el Salvador comparten un estrecho vínculo.

Permítanme citar las palabras del poeta Roque Dalton y referirme a ustedes, salvadoreños, como “mis compatriotas, mis hermanos”.

[As this ceremony illustrates, the United Nations and El Salvador share a lasting bond. Please allow me to draw from the words of the poet Roque Dalton and refer to you, Salvadorans, as “mis compatriotas, mis hermanos”.]

I am profoundly honoured to be the first United Nations Secretary-General to take part in this anniversary event.

14 January 2015, Tegucigalpa

Address to the National Congress of Honduras

Es un gran honor y un privilegio para mí dirigirme al Congreso Nacional de Honduras. [It is a great honour and privilege to address the National Congress of Honduras.]

I am also deeply grateful for being awarded the Gran Cruz Extraordinaria con Placa de Oro.

I accept this high honour with humility and gratitude for your recognition of my work and that of all United Nations personnel striving to build a better world for all.

12 December 2014, Lima

Remarks to press after meeting with Peruvian President, Ollanta Humala

Buenos días.

Es un gran placer estar en el Perú una vez más, mi tercera visita como Secretario General.

Me gustaría agradecer al Presidente Ollanta Humala, al Gobierno y al pueblo del Perú por su calurosa bienvenida y hospitalidad.

[It is a great pleasure to be in Peru once again, my third visit as Secretary-General.

I would like to thank President Ollanta Humala and the Government and people of Peru for their warm welcome and hospitality.]

Ladies and gentlemen, let me speak in English.

12 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at launch of National Plan of Action for Human Rights Education

Buenos días.

Me complace acompañarlos aquí en el colegio Antenor Orrego para el lanzamiento del Plan Nacional de Educación en Derechos Humanos. [I am pleased to join you here at the Antenor Orrego school as Peru launches its National Plan of Action for Human Rights Education.]

The work of the United Nations is built on three mutually reinforcing pillars: peace, development and human rights.

Again and again, in all we do, I have made it a personal priority to emphasize these truths:

Peace cannot be sustainable without development.

12 December 2014, Lima

Address to the Congress of Peru

Es un gran honor para mí estar en la tierra del sol.

Muchas gracias, Presidenta del Congreso.

Gracias por sus amables palabras y gracias por la Medalla de Honor del Congreso de la República.

[It is a great honour to be in the "land of the sun." Thank you very much, the President of Congress. I appreciate your kind words and for the Medal of Honour of the Congress of the Republic.]

I humbly accept this recognition on behalf of the brave and dedicated women and men of the United Nations working across the world to advance human progress.

11 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action

Thank you for your leadership and engagement.

The global thermostat is rising. So is our awareness of the risks posed by climate change.

Like never before, there is a shared understanding that we are in this together.

And together is the only way we will transform this crisis into an opportunity.

Now is the time for decisive global action on climate change.

The more we delay, the more we will pay.

As you know, I hosted a Climate Summit in September in New York.

10 December 2014, Lima

Remarks at opening of "Momentum for Change" event

I am pleased to join you for this year’s Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award ceremony.

I thank Señora [Christiana] Figueres [Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change] and UNFCCC colleagues as well as our many partners for creating this platform to recognize the world’s leading lights on addressing climate change on the ground.

This is the third such event – and the third time I have attended.

Every year, the ideas get better.

Thank goodness they do, because time is running out.