03 July 2019, Castries

Remarks at 40th meeting of CARICOM

Ladies and gentlemen,
All protocol observed,
It is privilege to be with you in Saint Lucia.
I thank the Caribbean Community and the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Conference of Heads of Government, Allen Chastanet, and Secretary-General Irwin LaRocque for the invitation to join you.
It is no surprise that just the way from the airport to this room with a short stop between the two Pitons was an enchanting experience.

20 March 2019, Buenos Aires

Remarks to the Second High-Level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation

[Bilingual, as delivered; scroll down for all-English]

22 March 2019, New York City

Remarks at press encounter at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York

As salaam alaikum.
I am honoured to be here on this holy day to pay my respects and show my solidarity with the Muslim community from New York to New Zealand and beyond.
The horrific terror attack in Christchurch took place exactly one week ago.  Our hearts remain heavy with grief and sympathy for the families of the victims.
Over the last few days, we have learned more about those victims and their stories. 

22 March 2019, New York City

Remarks at the 96th Street Mosque in Manhattan

As salaam alaikum.  Thank you very much.
I am here on this holy day to express my solidarity and to offer my support to you, to your community and to your families.
We are still reeling from last Friday’s terrorist attack in New Zealand.  At the same time, we have come to learn so many inspiring stories about the victims.

26 January 2019, New York City

Remarks at Park East Synagogue Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

Dear friends,
Rabbi Schneier, thank you for bringing us together. 
I am at home with you and I am at home at Park East Synagogue. 
I delivered one of my very first speeches as Secretary-General here – and I have been honoured to return.
On each occasion, I stressed the need to learn the lessons of the Holocaust – and sounded the alarm about the resurgence of anti-Semitism across our world.

01 December 2018, Buenos Aires

Remarks to G20 session on Climate and Sustainable Development


We are already in big trouble in relation to climate change. We are headed for a world of uncertainty due to climate disruption. Every new scientific report confirms that climate change is the greatest threat to human security and sustainable development and that climate change is still running faster than we are.

30 November 2018, Buenos Aires

Remarks at press encounter with Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian of France and Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China

I want to express my very deep gratitude and appreciation to China and France for their engagement and for their common commitments in relation to climate action in a particularly important moment that we are living together. Let me be very clear: we face a true emergency. Climate change is running faster than we are. We are facing dramatic consequences for the lives of many people around the world, especially in the most vulnerable situations, and very tragic perspectives for the end of the century if we are not able to increase our commitment and our ambition.

30 November 2018, Buenos Aires

Remarks at Putting People First session of G20 Summit

To put people first was my slogan when I ran for Prime Minister of Portugal more than two decades ago, but it was also the slogan of my opponent, and in these two decades I’ve seen this slogan everywhere, every time. The problem is that for a number of people in our societies, they do not feel they’re being put first but they feel they’re being considered last.

13 November 2018, Washington DC

Remarks at the 2018 Templeton Prize Ceremony

Your Majesty [King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein],
Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
There are many things a Secretary-General does because he is forced to do so; they come with the job, but, fortunately, there are some that I can do with real joy and enthusiasm. And one of them is to be here, this evening, in this wonderful cathedral, and to pay tribute to King Abdullah - the outstanding statesman, the messenger for peace, and, if Your Majesty allows me to say so, a very dear friend.

31 October 2018, New York

Remarks at Interfaith Gathering: “United Against Hate”

Dear friends, all protocol observed,
I am here to express horror and solidarity. Horror in relation to the most abject act of anti-Semitism that has happened in the history of the United [States]. Something that makes us feel totally horrified but solidarity - solidarity with the victims, solidarity with the family, solidarity with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and worldwide, and solidarity also with the people of Pittsburgh and the people of the United States of America who overwhelmingly reject this horrendous act.