04 October 2021, Bridgetown

Opening remarks at UNCTAD15 joint press conference with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley of Barbados and Rebeca Grynspan of UNCTAD

Dear members of the press, thank you very much for your presence.   
I want to first of all thank Prime Minister Mottley and all Barbadians for your warm “Bajan” welcome — and for so graciously hosting this year’s UNCTAD.  
This country’s journey has been a remarkable one.  
Overcoming colonialism and achieving independence. 
Forging a modern and increasingly diverse economy.  

04 October 2021, Bridgetown

Remarks at the UNCTAD 15 opening ceremony

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I want to thank Prime Minister Mottley and all Barbadians for so warmly welcoming us and in particular, I will never forget, the wonderful day that Prime Minister Mottley gave me yesterday, showing me the enormous effort that her government is making in order to make sure that Barbados is able to defeat COVID, to defeat climate change, and to defeat inequality in the world. 
And I also would like to thank everyone who is part of the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

02 December 2020, New York

Secretary-General's address at Columbia University: "The State of the Planet" 

Secretary-General António Guterres discusses the State of the Planet at Columbia University in New York City. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

President Bollinger,
Dear friends,

I thank Columbia University for hosting this gathering — and I welcome those joining online around the world.

We meet in this unusual way as we enter the last month of this most unusual year.

We are facing a devastating pandemic, new heights of global heating, new lows of ecological degradation and new setbacks in our work towards global goals for more equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.

To put it simply, the state of the planet is broken.

Dear friends,

Humanity is waging war on nature.

27 February 2020, New York City

Secretary-General António Guterres' remarks at the New School: "Women and Power"

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Dear students, dear friends,

It is a great pleasure to be here today. Thank you for honouring me with this degree and through me, the United Nations and our staff around the world.

The New School is a special place. I am an engineer by training and physics has been the biggest intellectual passion of my life. But I reserve my greatest admiration for artists, philosophers, social scientists and those who explain the world and make it more beautiful.

25 January 2020, New York

Remarks at Park East Synagogue Memorial Service in Honour of the Victims of the Holocaust

Rabbi Schneier, Holocaust survivors, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
It is a privilege to be here at Park East Synagogue again with you in solidarity and love, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, to remember the six million Jews and many others who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust, and to re-commit to preventing any repetition of those crimes.

19 October 2019, Washington D.C.

Remarks at Ministerial Meeting of Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am encouraged that this coalition, launched just six months ago, now has 44 members.  Your efforts, under co-chairs Chile and Finland and with the support of the World Bank, are a vital part of our response to the climate emergency.
We are at a turning point.
Last month’s Climate Action Summit showed that the world is waking up to the crisis.
Leaders, businesses and others stepped up in impressive ways.
Looking ahead, I see great opportunities:

19 October 2019, Washington D.C.

Remarks at the International Monetary and Financial Committee


We meet in tense and testing times.

A great many people are losing faith in a process of globalization that is leaving them behind – and in institutions and leaders who are meant to deliver.

As we were reminded yet again this week, global growth forecasts continue to drop.

Tensions around global trade and technology continue to rise.   

19 October 2019, Washington D.C.

Remarks to the Small States Forum


I welcome this opportunity to address the Small States Forum.

I would like to use the occasion to echo the strong calls made at last month’s Climate Action Summit and Review of the SAMOA Pathway for Small Island Developing States.  

The survival of many small countries, and particularly island states, depends on finding innovative and effective solutions to challenges that threaten their very existence.  

I would like to mention three such challenges and solutions, starting with the climate crisis.

13 September 2019, Nassau

Remarks to the press outside the NEMA Emergency Operations Centre

I want to pay tribute to the government and the people of the Bahamas for their extraordinary response to these tragic events.

14 September 2019, Nassau

Opening remarks at press encounter after Secretary-General’s visit to Abaco Island, Bahamas

I just came back from Abaco. I must say was horrified. I've never seen such a level of systematic devastation. Hurricane Dorian has been classified as category five. I think it's category hell. But it was not powered by the devil. We have always had many hurricanes, but now they are more intense, and they are more frequent, and they are powered by climate change. And so it's very important that international community learns two things from the example of Abaco and Grand Bahama.