11 May 2016, Antananarivo

Address to the Joint Congress of Senate and Assembly, including launch of the report on the cost of hunger in Madagascar

Manao ahoana tompoko! [“Good morning.”]

Faly aho tonga eto Madagasikara. Misaotra indrindra amin'ny fandraisana mahafam-po. [I am delighted to be in Madgascar. Thank you for your warm welcome.]

I thank the Government and people of Madagascar for their warm welcome to this beautiful country.

I am deeply honoured to address this Joint Congress of the Senate and Assembly.

It is especially rewarding to stand in this Parliament. Your elections last year represented an important milestone that ended five years of political crisis.

09 May 2016, Port-Louis

Opening remarks at press conference with Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth of Mauritius

Mr. Prime Minister,
Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

Let me begin by thanking the Government and the people of the Republic of Mauritius for their warm welcome and solidarity.

I am very pleased to be visiting Mauritius for the first time as Secretary-General.

I am here to highlight the important leadership role that Mauritius plays among Small Island Developing States – as well as its contributions in many areas including climate action, promoting the ocean economy, and advancing sustainable development.

09 May 2016, Port-Louis

Address to International Council for Commercial Arbitration Congress

I am delighted to join you in the beautiful State of Mauritius. I thank the Government and people of Mauritius for their warn hospitality and invitation to this very important conference.

I welcome this opportunity to address the distinguished members of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration. You are good partners of the United Nations, and you have an important role to play in our efforts to build a better world for all..

09 May 2016, Port-Louis

Remarks at event on Sustainable Development Goals in Mauritius

“Mo bien contente visite sa jolie paie Maurice » [I’m happy to be in beautiful Mauritius. – Creole]

I first want to thank you for the film you have just shown. I am touched to see these images and I hope that they show you the work that the United Nations as a whole is doing to achieve a better world for all.

This is my first visit to Mauritius as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

I can think of no better way to spend my first morning than with all of you here today.

08 May 2016, Victoria

Remarks at the Palace of Justice, Seychelles

I am very happy to be here today.

This is my first time to visit this court. While I have been working all the time on paper, on the telephone, in meetings on how to address this piracy issue off the coast of Somalia. This is one of the very tangible work which I am proud to tell you that this is one of my works—which I have been working on very very seriously. I [have been] always on the phone with the President of Tanzania, Kenya and Seychelles on how to mobilize international solidarity.

08 May 2016, Victoria

Address to the National Assembly of the Seychelles

It is a great honour to address this National Assembly on the first visit by a United Nations Secretary-General to Seychelles.

Mersi boukou pou sa lenvitasyion tre salere. [Thank you very much for your kind invitation.]

I am particularly proud to be here as you celebrate your fortieth anniversary as a sovereign nation, and as a Member State of the United Nations.

The United Nations stood together with you during the turbulent first years of your nationhood. You have amply repaid that support over the last forty years.

07 May 2016, Victoria

Remarks to the press with the President James Alix Michel of Seychelles

Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and welcome. I am very much touched by your hospitality and warm welcome

I only arrived in the Seychelles this afternoon, but it has already been a productive visit. I thank the Government and people of the Seychelles for the hospitality shown to me and to my delegation.

29 March 2016, Tunis

Opening remarks at press conference in Tunis

[French and English]

Bon après-midi mesdames et messieurs.

C’est un grand plaisir que d’être de retour à Tunis.

Je remercie le Gouvernement et le peuple tunisiens de leur hospitalité et de la chaleur de l’accueil qu’ils m’ont réservé, ainsi qu’à ma délégation.

29 March 2016, Tunis

Remarks at Tunisia’s National Conference on Employment

Your Excellency Prime Minister Habib Essid,

Mr. Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization,

Ms. Wided Bouchamaoui, President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA),

Honorable Ministers,


Ladies and gentlemen;

C’est un immense plaisir pour moi d’être ici avec vous, à Tunis, pour évoquer la question de l’emploi – qui est cruciale, surtout pour les jeunes.

07 March 2016, Algiers

Remarks at 5th General Assembly of the 2010 Kigali International Conference Declaration

I am pleased to open this important meeting.

Since I became Secretary-General almost a decade ago, I have been a staunch advocate for ending violence against women and girls.

This is why I launched the UNiTE campaign in 2008. Today, scores of leaders and ministers, hundreds parliamentarians and millions of individuals have added their names to the action call.
The tireless efforts of the women’s movement, Governments and other partners have put this struggle at the centre of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.