United Arab Emirates

17 January 2011, Abu Dhabi

Opening Remarks at Press Conference in Masdar City, UAE

It is a pleasure to be here. I thank everyone at Masdar City for their hospitality.

Here in the United Arab Emirates, I feel as if I am making two visits at once.

The first, to a UN Member State, the United Arab Emirates, that provides important support for our work around the world.

The second, to the future – a sustainable, clean-energy future, as showcased here in Masdar.

The energy transformation and other ideas and technologies on display here are essential

17 January 2011, Abu Dhabi

Remarks at Fourth World Future Energy Summit

In the past four years, the World Future Energy Summit has become one of the premier annual events on renewable and sustainable energy. I thank Masdar and the Government of Abu Dhabi for hosting it.

Abu Dhabi is becoming justifiably renowned as a hub of progress.

You have brought remarkable wealth from the desert sands, and used it to create a vibrant modern nation.

And your Masdar Initiative speaks of something more – a vision to build on and go beyond the age of fossil fuels to a new sustainable future.

17 January 2011, Abu Dhabi

Remarks to Young Future Energy Leaders

I am always pleased to have the opportunity to talk to the young leaders of tomorrow.

I thank the organizers of this Summit for including a special programme for you.

And I thank you for coming here to learn about the world's energy challenges -- and about the promising new solutions that are rapidly becoming available.

I saw some of them earlier today. I must say, I am impressed. You might even say I am energized!

We are on the brink of an exciting, sustainable future.