08 August 2019, Geneva

Note to Correspondents: Statement by Senior Humanitarian Adviser to UN Special Envoy for Syria on the humanitarian situation [scroll down for Arabic version]

Thursday in the International Syria Support Group’s (ISSG) Humanitarian Task Force meeting, Member States were urged to use their influence to support the reduction of violence in northwest Syria, and to increase their support for critical humanitarian needs in Syria.

27 June 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Note to Correspondents: Statement attributable to Ms. Najat Rochdi, Senior Humanitarian Adviser to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria - On the Situation Across Syria

At Thursday’s Syria Humanitarian Task Force meeting in Geneva, Senior Humanitarian Adviser Najat Rochdi urged Member States to support the United Nations’ immediate humanitarian priorities in Syria.

21 June 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Secretary-General's remarks to the International Labour Conference [as delivered, multilingual] [Scroll down for all-English version]

[Watch the video on webtv.un.org

You come together at this Centenary International Labour Conference during a time of profound turbulence and tests.

Globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are delivering immense opportunities and daunting challenges.
Tremendous economic gains at the global level have not been shared equally among or within countries. 

06 June 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Note to Correspondents: Statement attributable to Ms. Najat Rochdi, Senior Humanitarian Adviser to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria - on the situations in Idlib, Al Hol and Rukban [scroll down for Arabic version]

During Thursday’s Humanitarian Task Force meeting, we heard firsthand reporting from our UN colleagues based in the region about the increasingly horrific brutality in recent weeks by all parties involved in the de-escalation area in northwestern Syria, which has caused significant civilian causalities and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.  Three million people in Idlib need protection. A humanitarian catastrophe is a grave danger if the violence does not cease.  Attacks and fighting are also impacting civilians in government-controlled areas.

28 May 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Secretary-General's message for Third Artificial Intelligence for Good Summit

It is a pleasure to greet this AI for Good Summit. I thank the International Telecommunications Union and our many partners for gathering to explore how technology can advance sustainable development and a better future for all.
Artificial intelligence brings the promise of improved access to health care, accelerated economic development and other gains.
But we can also see dangers: a world with diminished privacy, less human agency and accountability, and where income inequality widens and access to work narrows for millions.

24 May 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Secretary-General's video message on the Anniversary of the Launch of the Disarmament Agenda: "Security Our Common Future"

Today, the global security environment is threatened from many sides.
The international arms control architecture is experiencing enormous strains.
Regional nuclear challenges persist.
And tensions between nuclear-armed rivals have intensified.
Countries continue to prepare for war in space….  and they continue to develop new weapon technologies, including through cyber means, artificial intelligence, and so-called “hypersonic weapons” that could attack at unprecedented speed.

10 May 2019, Geneva

Remarks to Special General Council of the World Trade Organization

Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you very much for inviting me to address all of you today.
Since the end of the Second World War, nations have relied on a system of multilateral institutions and agreements to promote peace and equitable social and economic progress.
The World Trade Organization, along with its predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, is an indispensable component of that system.
Trade is at the heart of international relations, and the WTO is at the heart of trade.