29 October 2015, Madrid

Remarks at ceremony marking the 60th Anniversary of the Entry of Spain into the United Nations

Tengo el honor de sumarme a usted para celebrar el sexagésimo aniversario de la entrada de España en las Naciones Unidas.

Me gustaría felicitar al pueblo y al Gobierno de España y dedicar esta ceremonia a los miles de españoles que han trabajado para las Naciones Unidas a lo largo de los años, y en particular, a quienes perdieron la vida al servicio de la paz. Honramos su memoria.

Spain is a true crossroads of civilization, where different faiths have lived side by side for centuries.

28 October 2015, Madrid

Remarks at the Club de Madrid Madrid+10: Global Dialogue on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

I am honoured to be invited to address you on this important and timely topic.

The Club de Madrid has long distinguished itself as a useful forum where former leaders can continue to contribute their unique perspectives on the pressing challenges of our time.

Violent extremism poses a direct threat to international peace and security.

Extremist groups – such as Daesh, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram – undermine universal values of dignity and the worth of the human person.

28 October 2015, Madrid

Address on receiving Medal of Honour from Carlos III University of Madrid

I am privileged to receive this Medal of Honour from Carlos III University of Madrid.

This is a symbol of your esteem for the United Nations.

I accept on behalf of past and present UN staff members around the world. They are our Organization’s driving force – and its greatest pride.

This meaningful Medal of Honour is for them.

It is wonderful to be back in Spain. This is my 11th visit as Secretary-General.

05 April 2013, Madrid

Remarks upon acceptance of New Economy Forum Award

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivers remarks upon receiving New Economy Forum Award for Economic and Social Development, Madrid, Spain. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

I am deeply honoured to receive the “Nueva Economia Forum Award for Economic and Social Development.”

I know that through me, you recognize the global work of the Organization I am proud to lead: the United Nations.

With this award, you advance the critical understanding that the three pillars of the United Nations – development, peace and human rights – are inextricably linked and indispensable in today’s world.

And you give timely support to the power, purpose and enormous potential of multilateralism.

04 April 2013, Madrid

Opening remarks at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain

Let me begin by thanking again the President of Government, Mariano Rajoy Brey and the Government and people of Spain for their very warm welcome.

Muchas gracias por vuestra hospitalidad.

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to be back to Spain again. I had the pleasure of inaugurating two years ago with the Crown Prince the UN Support Base-Valencia, which symbolizes the strong commitment of Spain to the United Nations.

04 April 2013, Madrid

Remarks at closing session of the High-Level Consultation on Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition in the Post-2015 Development Framework

Secrary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses closing session of the high-level meeting on Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

I thank the Governments of Spain and Colombia for hosting this High-Level Consultation. I understand you have had a fruitful gathering, and I welcome this opportunity to join you for the closing and to share a few thoughts with you.

I attach the greatest importance to the issues of hunger, nutrition and food security.

06 July 2011, Valencia

Remarks at inauguration of UN Support Base [as prepared for delivery]

Muchas gracias. Es un profundo honor estar con ustedes en Valencia en este día tan importante para las Naciones Unidas y para la paz.

Today, we do more than inaugurate a facility.

We launch a new chapter in the history of United Nations operations, one that will lead to greater efficiency and reliability for our work around the world.

As we do, we pay tribute to the generosity and solidarity of the government and people of Spain.

06 July 2011, Madrid

Remarks to Civil Society on Food Security and Sustainable Development [as delivered]

Let me begin by expressing my profound thanks to Prime Minister Zapatero and all of you, leaders of civil society. This is my eighth visit to Spain in just four and a half years. This is my first visit soon after I was reelected as Secretary-General for a second term. I thought what I should do in a very limited way to contribute to humanity and this is to visit Spain as the first country soon after being elected to a second term. Muchas gracias for your hospitality.

This is a very important subject and common responsibility which we have to address - food security.