10 July 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

Secretary-General's video message to Euro-African Forum

I am pleased to greet the Euro-African Forum.
Allow me to begin on a personal note.
As Prime Minister of Portugal, I had the honour to be co-chair of the first Africa-European Union Summit in Cairo in 2000.
As High-Commissioner for Refugees, I saw first-hand the solidarity of the African countries with millions of displaced people.
Now, as United Nations Secretary-General, supporting a peaceful and prosperous Africa is one of my priorities.

02 May 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

Secretary-General's video message for Sustainable Energy For All Forum

I am pleased to greet the Sustainable Energy for All Forum.

The 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on climate change require a transformative approach to energy.

Sustainable Development Goal 7 calls for affordable and clean energy for all.

But we are not on track.  

One billion people still lack electricity. 

Far more needs to be done to advance renewable and efficient energy in all sectors.

From industries to transportation, from cities to rural areas.  

It is time to end the age of fossil fuels.

19 April 2018, Coimbra, Portugal

Secretary-General's video message to the World Health Summit Regional Meeting: "Global Health in African Countries", 19-20 April

I am pleased to send best wishes to this important World Health Summit Regional Meeting, which focus on global health in African countries.
Investments in health in Africa are paying off.
The continent is on the brink of eliminating several diseases.
High-level political will is increasing.
But the burden of communicable diseases remains high, largely affecting the most vulnerable.
Furthermore, diseases can also threaten global health security.

06 November 2017, Lisbon

Remarks at Web Summit

Welcome to Lisbon, welcome to the Web Summit Day.

I am an engineer and, for the time being, I am also Secretary-General of the United Nations and we are all here because we believe in the force of Science, Innovation and Technology.

From my perspective, what is important is to combine innovation and technology, innovation and public policy to make sure that innovation works for the good of humankind. But let’s look a little bit in the recent past to be able to project the near future.

22 September 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Secretary-General's video message on UN Economic Commission for Europe Ministerial Conference on Ageing

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, human beings live longer than ever.
Globally, the population of older persons is growing faster than all younger age groups.
Europe experienced population ageing sooner than many other parts of the world.
And European countries are pioneering innovative policy responses to meet the challenges ahead.
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Working Group on Ageing fosters regional cooperation and helps countries find solutions.