08 December 2010, Cancun

Opening remarks to UNFCCC COP16 Side Event on Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (as delivered)

Prime Minister Meles,
Prime Minister Stoltenberg,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Climate financing is one of the most important aspects of our efforts to address the climate change challenge.

It is not a panacea for the climate problem, but it is crucial to have adequate financial support for developing countries and for building trust between countries.

And it is essential for generating actions on the ground.

08 December 2010, Cancun

Remarks to UNFCCC COP16 Avoided Deforestation Partners Event [As prepared for delivery]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to see so many partners working in common cause to protect the world''s tropical forests.

We are here in Cancun to make progress on all fronts in the climate negotiations.

At the same time, we need to dramatically increase actions that will help to prevent runaway climate change and strengthen climate resilience.

That is why it is essential that we do all we can to support the REDD-Plus initiative – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.

07 December 2010, Cancun

Opening remarks at press conference at UN Climate Change Conference

As you know, when I became Secretary-General, I made climate change one of my top priorities. The reason is simple.

Climate change affects everything the UN does – poverty, peace and security, development, and human rights.

We cannot sustain gains toward our Millennium Development Goals or preserve the ecosystems that sustain us, we cannot ensure safety and stability for the poor and vulnerable without progress on climate change.

07 December 2010, Cancun

Remarks to Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP16 High-Level Segment)

Your Excellency President Calderon,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government,
Ms. Figueres of UNFCCC,
Ladies and gentlemen,

This is the Fourth time I come before you since becoming Secretary-General of the United Nations. From the heady days in Bali, to the search for progress in Poznan and unmet expectations in Copenhagen last year, this has been a long journey. And we know our journey will not end here in Mexico.

07 October 2009, Leon

Statement to the 2009 Global Renewable Energy Forum [delivered by Magdy Martinz-Soliman, UN Resident Coordinator in Mexico]

I am pleased to greet all those participating in the 2009 Global Renewable Energy Forum. I thank the Government of Mexico, which has organized this gathering with the support of UNIDO, and all who have taken the time to be here today.

09 September 2009, Mexico City

Opening remarks at press conference at 62nd Annual Department of Public Information-Non-Governmental Organizations Conference

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the press.

It is a great pleasure to meet you on the occasion of my participation in this very important DPI/NGO international conference on disarmament for security.

You have already heard my opening statement and you have heard many inspiring statements by keynote speakers and therefore my statement will be very brief.

Although disarmament may not always grab headlines in the media, it is a critical issue affecting the lives and safety and future of millions and millions around the world.

09 September 2009, Mexico City

Opening address to the 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference - "For Peace and Development: Disarm Now!"

Madam Foreign Secretary,
Ambassador Patricia Espinosa,
Chairperson of the Conference,
Mr. Charles Hitchcock,
Secretary of Navy,
Admiral Mariano Sainez,

Ms. Jody Williams and Mr. Miguel Marin Bosch,
Distinguish leaders of disarmament organizations Distinguish leaders of civil society,
Members of the diplomatic corps,
Colleagues of the United Nations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Muy buenas dias!

08 September 2009, Mexico City

Remarks upon receiving the Keys to Mexico City

The Honorable Marcelo Ebrard, Chief of the Government of the Federal District,

Chief Justice of the Federal District Court, Magistrate Edgar Elías Azar,

Diputado Sergio Jimenez Barrios President of the International Relations Committee of the Federal District´s Legislative Assembly

Members of the Government, of the Court and of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District,

Heads of the UN Agencies in Mexico,

Señoras y señores,

Muchas gracias por esta bienvenida!