02 June 2013, Yokohama

Remarks at TICAD V on "Peace and Stability"

Peace and development are mutually reinforcing.

This was the message I took to Africa’s Great Lakes region last week with the President of the World Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim. It was the first-ever joint visit by a UN Secretary-General and World Bank President. We were joined by my Special Representative, Mary Robinson.

We went to support the Peace, Security and Cooperation framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC] and the Great Lakes region.

02 June 2013, Yokohama

Remarks at TICAD V high-level luncheon co-hosted by World Bank, UNDP and Government of Japan: “Building Climate and Disaster Resilience for African Development”

I thank the Government of Japan, the UN Development Programme and the World Bank for convening this important session.

I have always made climate change a priority. I am pushing countries to honour their promise to conclude a universal, legally binding global climate change treaty by 2015. Next year, I will convene a climate change Summit in New York to increase the political momentum and help catalyze ambitious action on the ground.

Climate change is especially critical for Africa.

02 June 2013, Yokohama

Remarks at reception on Malaria and the Development Agenda co-hosted by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

I am very happy to be here.

It is wonderful to see so many champions in our fight against malaria.

This is especially important for Africa – where malaria hits the hardest.

Five years ago, I called for universal coverage for malaria.

I was moved by the world’s response.

That year, here in Yokohama, UNICEF launched its State of the World’s Children report.

01 June 2013, Yokohama

Opening remarks to the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V)

Minasama, ohayo gozaimasu. (“Good morning, everyone.”)

It is a great honour and privilege to join this 20th anniversary Tokyo International Conference on African Development. Many of us just attended the 50th anniversary African Union meeting in Addis Ababa. This is an excellent timing to advance our goals. TICAD’s goals are the United Nations’ goals.

In that regard, I thank, especially, Prime Minister Abe for bringing us together to Japan.

Japan is one of Africa’s strongest partners.

01 June 2013, Yokohama

Remarks at TICAD V session: "Towards the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Minasama, ohayo gozaimasu. (“ Good morning everyone.”)

Thank you for attending this important session on Africa’s priorities in the post-2015 development agenda.

We have a great deal to celebrate as we look back on 13 years of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The big picture is encouraging. Sustained growth. A commodity boom. Recovery in many countries.

Now we have to look ahead – and face the hard truths.

01 June 2013, Yokohama

Remarks at TICAD V session: "Private Sector, Trade and Investment as Engines of Development"

Thank you very much, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, for chairing this important session on the private sector, trade and investment.

We meet at a time of great potential for Africa. There has been impressive growth and significant progress in reaching the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals].

Now we have to reach the many African women and men who still struggle with poverty, unemployment and instability.

08 July 2012, Tokyo

Remarks at press encounter with Koichiro Gemba, Foreign Minister of Japan

Konbanwa. Mata nihon ni koreta koto wo taihen ureshiku omoimasu.

[Good evening. It is a pleasure to be here in Japan once again.]

Gemba-gaimudaijin to hijyou ni yuuigina ikenkoukan wo okonau kotoga dekimashita.

[I just held very good discussions with Foreign Minister Gemba.]

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, I gave a lengthy press conference this afternoon, so my statement will be very brief [and] the Foreign Minister has already explained what we have discussed and what we will discuss over [dinner].

08 July 2012, Tokyo

Remarks at Japan's National Press Club

SG: Mata nihon ni korareta koto wo taihen ureshiku omoimasu.
[It is a pleasure to be here in Japan once again.]

This is my sixth visit to Japan as Secretary-General of the United Nations and this is my second opportunity and honour to have a press conference here in the JNPC (Japan National Press Club). Thank you for taking time on Sunday afternoon. I know this is an extraordinary privilege and honour to have this opportunity on a Sunday.