04 July 2013, Copenhagen

Remarks at the opening of UN-City in Copenhagen

I am delighted to join with all of you for the official opening of this magnificent new home for the United Nations in Denmark.

I thank the Government and people of Denmark for their generous investment and longstanding support.

This beautiful and inspiring complex is a concrete symbol of your commitment to the United Nations. And it is an important contribution towards a more efficient, carbon-neutral UN.

Addressing climate change is a responsibility for all, and I am determined that the UN should walk the walk.

11 October 2011, Copenhagen

Opening remarks at press encounter with Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to visit Denmark again after two years. And it is all the more pleasure for me to have a bilateral meeting with the new Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt so soon after her inauguration as leader of this great country. Denmark is one of the exemplary model countries in the United Nations, upholding and contributing to peace and security and development and human rights. You are the champion of all important pillars of the UN Charter. I count on your leadership and commitment under your administration.

11 October 2011, Copenhagen

Remarks to the Global Green Growth Forum

Sustainable development is the imperative of the twenty-first century.

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the dark.”

She was absolutely right. But now we need to think of new ways to bring light into darkness.

We need a different path. A sustainable path.

This is my message to leaders around the world.

And that is why we are here today.

This 3G Forum comes at a crucial time.

We are racing to reach the Millennium Development Goals.

19 December 2009, Copenhagen

Remarks to the UNFCCC COP-15 closing plenary


Distinguisehd delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It's a great pleasure to work with you in addressing climate change.

We have had a long and exhausting final two days. Some of you have been working day and night during the last two weeks. The negotiations continued all day today and yesterday and it has been extremely difficult.

Sometimes there were some emotional, quite heated, quite dramatic discussions. I hope our heated discussions have not helped in increasing global warming.

19 December 2009, Copenhagen

Opening remarks at media encounter at UN Climate Change Conference

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to see you at the conclusion of this very important meeting on climate change.

We have had a long and exhausting couple of days.

We talked all Thursday and Friday night and delegations are still discussing this issue.

Finally we sealed the deal. And it is a real deal.

Bringing world leaders to the table paid off.

18 December 2009, Copenhagen

Remarks to Informal High-Level Event

Distinguished heads of state and governments,

Distinguished delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen.

Prime Minister Rasmussen.

It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome you to this very important summit level conference on climate change.
Thank you for taking time, despite your very busy state of affairs. This means you are committed as national and global leaders to address together climate change which is the defining challenge of our era.


The finishing line is in sight.

Now our discussions are bearing fruit.

17 December 2009, Copenhagen

Opening remarks at press encounter at the UN Climate Change Conference

As you know, for the last three days I have been working very hard with the world leaders to help this negotiation proceed. Unfortunately, the negotiation has been going very slowly, but even at this time, the negotiation is still going on. This is one of the most complex and complicated and most difficult processes that you may imagine, but I have not seen anything that indicates that we cannot seal the deal in Copenhagen.

16 December 2009, Copenhagen

Remarks at World Food Programe "Safe Stoves" Event

Minister Tørnæs, Minister Mutagamba, Ms. Stocking, Ms. Sheeran, Mr. Guterres,

Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to join you at this “Safe Stoves” event, sponsored by WFP and several UN partners.

We are here in Copenhagen to work for a global agreement that goes into effect immediately and delivers real results to people on the front-lines of climate change.

A Safe Stove performs double duty by addressing both the causes and consequences of climate change.