New York

23 May 2022

Secretary-General's video message to the Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance event: "Taking Action to Scale Up Investment for the SDGs" during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Watch the video:

Dear friends,

We are halfway to our deadline to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are far from reaching our objectives.

Poverty and hunger are increasing.

So is inequality within and between countries.

The war in Ukraine is fuelling a triple food, energy and finance crisis.

Climate catastrophe looms ever closer.

We need a massive scaling up of investment in sustainable development.

By countries, banks, and businesses.

And we need to make sure that funds are channelled to developing countries that need them most, including vulnerable middle-income countries.

We need a radical transformation of the finance and investment ecosystem.

The public and private sector will have to work much closer together to mobilize the necessary resources and align them with the SDGs and climate action.

Multilateral development banks need to be urgently recapitalized.

They need to increase efforts to mobilize and leverage private investment in the SDGs and expand the investment pipeline for sustainable development.

And public and private decision-makers need to take a long-term perspective that captures the interests of all stakeholders, present and future, and incorporates new measures of multidimensional vulnerability.

This includes responsibility and accountability for ensuring that all investments are in line with the Paris Agreement goals of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and building resilience to the climate disruption to come.

I encourage you to build on your Alliance’s important work.

Today’s event can provide an urgently required boost for joint action by the public and private sector to scale up investment in sustainable development.

Thank you.