New York

16 November 2021

Secretary-General's message to the UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East

Watch the video:

Welcome to the 2021 United Nations International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East.

This year’s event also marks the 30th anniversary of the Madrid Peace Conference, a historic moment that led to dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and established a crucial foundation of peace upon which we must seek to build.

But over the last years, we have witnessed more setbacks.

Many are questioning the viability of a negotiated two-State solution.

We cannot lose hope.

We must explore every opportunity to revitalize the peace process.

I urge Israeli and Palestinian leaders to demonstrate the political will necessary to revive and resume dialogue.

The two‑State solution, as defined by UN resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements remains the only path to ensuring that Palestinians and Israelis can both realize their legitimate aspirations: an end to the occupation and the realization of two independent, sovereign states, living side‑by‑side in peace and security, based on the 1967 lines, and with Jerusalem as the capital of both States.

The United Nations remains committed to working with Israelis and Palestinians, and with our international and regional partners, including through the Middle East Quartet, to realize this goal.

I also want to recognize your crucial role. Free and independent journalism is a cornerstone of building peaceful societies. 

I wish you a successful seminar. Thank you.