Republic of Korea

12 December 2020

Secretary-General's video message to President Moon's event on "2050 Net Zero Vision"

I am pleased to greet you today to recognize President Moon Jae-in and the people of the Republic of Korea for their commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

This is a very positive step following Korea’s Green New Deal, which was announced in July.

Through this announcement, the Republic of Korea joins a growing group of major economies committed to lead by example in building a sustainable, carbon-neutral and climate-resilient world.

Now the Republic of Korea enters the critical phase of implementation to become an integral part of the world’s new, low carbon economy.

I urge the country to identify coherent mid-term targets for 2030, and to design and implement policies that are in line with its long-term goal.

This will include setting an ambitious path to coal phase out at home, phasing out coal investments abroad and creating jobs in industries that can become a cornerstone of new low-carbon economy.

I count on Korean industries to evolve to become examples of sustainability and profitability for the word.

They can bring better health and new green jobs to the Korean people and ensure the Green New Deal will be good for everyone.

Thank you.