New York

09 December 2020

Secretary-General's message marking the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Former International Civil Servants

I congratulate the Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS) in New York as you mark the 50th anniversary of your organization.

We who work at the United Nations today to advance the objectives of the Charter are keenly aware that we are building on the contributions of the dedicated colleagues who came before us. 

We thank you for your commitment – and are grateful for your ongoing efforts in your daily lives to carry United Nations ideals into your communities, and to be a source of insight for others.  In that way you are still serving the causes we hold dear.

As the United Nations marks its own milestone – 75 years since its founding the world faces grave challenges, from COVID-19 to climate change to rising global divisions.  Yet this is also an era of great opportunity.   

International cooperation has a solid record of achievement across the decades, and is more important than ever as we strive to build a peaceful future for all on a healthy planet.

Thank you again to AFICS and to all of you for your outstanding service and ongoing support.