Amsterdam, the Netherlands

18 June 2019

Secretary-General's video message to the Sustainable Energy for All "Charettes", 18-20 June 2019

It is a pleasure to greet all the participants in these important “charettes”.
Energy is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Yet more than eight hundred and forty million people still do not have access to electricity.
And 2.9 billion lack access to clean cooking.
Renewable energy offers affordable solutions.
I urge you to work together towards:
No more subsidies for fossil fuels.
And no new coal plants built after 2020.
I welcome your discussions on how to ensure clean and affordable energy for all by 2030.  
I ask you to be bold.
I look forward to having your conclusions at the Climate Action Summit in September.  
Together, we can address the global climate emergency and ensure access to affordable, reliable, modern and sustainable energy for all.
Thank you.