Geneva, Switzerland

24 May 2019

Secretary-General's video message on the Anniversary of the Launch of the Disarmament Agenda: "Security Our Common Future"

Today, the global security environment is threatened from many sides.
The international arms control architecture is experiencing enormous strains.
Regional nuclear challenges persist.
And tensions between nuclear-armed rivals have intensified.
Countries continue to prepare for war in space….  and they continue to develop new weapon technologies, including through cyber means, artificial intelligence, and so-called “hypersonic weapons” that could attack at unprecedented speed.
States need to seek security through diplomacy and dialogue, not by building new weapons.
This is why, one year ago today, I launched a United Nations disarmament agenda.
It is a roadmap outlining specific steps to secure our common future.
We have begun to make substantial progress on its implementation, but more needs to be done.
In our turbulent world, disarmament is the path to preventing conflict and sustaining peace.
We must act without delay.
Thank you.