New York

27 September 2018

Secretary-General's video message to Ninth Ministerial meeting of the Friends of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)

It is a pleasure to convey my very best wishes to the Friends of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.
The CTBT is an essential pillar for a world free of nuclear weapons.
It serves as a powerful barrier to any State seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability in violation of their non-proliferation commitments.
It also constrains the development of advanced types of nuclear weapons, and puts a brake on the arms race.
The entry into force of this critical instrument is beyond overdue.
Despite the Treaty’s many contributions to global security, the international community will not be able to reap its full benefits until it does enter force.
I reiterate my appeal to those States who have not done so to sign and ratify the CTBT without delay.
I reiterate my firm commitment to work with you to accomplish the vital goal of bringing the CTBT into full operation.
The nuclear peril is very much alive, and we must do our utmost to address it.
Thank you for your commitment to this cause.