New York

11 June 2018

Secretary-General's video message for New York Board of Rabbis Humanitarian Awards Reception

It is a pleasure to greet the New York Board of Rabbis Humanitarian Awards Reception.
From my meetings with Rabbi Potasnik and others, I know that you do valuable work in advocating for marginalized and displaced people, and in promoting interfaith dialogue. 
Across the world today, the state of hate is high.
Decades after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is still common and getting worse.  The neo-Nazi threat is growing.  You are all aware of my commitment to combatting these unacceptable situations.
We are also seeing widespread anti-Muslim bigotry, as well as xenophobia directed at migrants and refugees.
Just as troubling, a “new normal” of public discourse is taking hold, in which the door is opened to even more extreme hatred.
We must all stand unequivocally against such poison.  Today’s societies are becoming multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural.  This diversity is a source of richness.  It should not be exploited as a source of division
Together, we can build a world of pluralism and peaceful coexistence.
Thank you.