Coimbra, Portugal

19 April 2018

Secretary-General's video message to the World Health Summit Regional Meeting: "Global Health in African Countries", 19-20 April

I am pleased to send best wishes to this important World Health Summit Regional Meeting, which focus on global health in African countries.
Investments in health in Africa are paying off.
The continent is on the brink of eliminating several diseases.
High-level political will is increasing.
But the burden of communicable diseases remains high, largely affecting the most vulnerable.
Furthermore, diseases can also threaten global health security.
It is time to build stronger, more integrated and people-centered health systems that deliver for all.
Africa’s historic number of young people creates a new demand for care and innovative ideas. 
Success will require continued collaboration, investment and creativity.
Let us work together to achieve universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.  
Thank you.