Beijing, China

28 March 2018

Secretary-General’s video message to the Global Energy Interconnection Summit

I am pleased to greet the Global Energy Interconnection Summit.
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change depend on a transformative approach to energy.
We need to provide access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all.
And we must meet global energy demand with clean alternatives to fossil fuels.
For that, we need bold leadership, massive investment and international cooperation.
The Global Energy Interconnection initiative provides a key to solutions that can efficiently use rich renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar and hydro, to deliver modern energy services to all even at long distances. 
Clean energy is the golden thread that links our aspirations for people and the planet.
Next year, I am convening a Climate Summit. 
I count on you all to bring strong commitments to the energy transition.
Thank you.