New York

25 January 2018

Statement by the Secretary-General on Yemen

In light of the dire, unrelenting humanitarian crisis in Yemen I welcome the news that five tankers carrying 180,000 litres of fuel reached Marib yesterday as part of the Coalition’s wider plan to facilitate humanitarian action in Yemen. This fuel will be delivered, based on need, to health facilities and water stations, where it will be used to keep life-saving services running for local communities. The Coalition has committed to increase humanitarian fuel deliveries to 1 million litres per week over the coming weeks.
I also welcome the generous $1 billion pledge by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to support humanitarian action in Yemen, as well as their commitment to raise an additional $500 million from other donors in the region. The 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP) was launched on 20 January and seeks $2.96 billion to assist 13.1 million people across the country. I urge all donors to channel their contributions through the YHRP and rapidly convert pledges into cash for aid agencies.
The most effective way to address humanitarian suffering in Yemen is to end the conflict. I renew my call on all parties to cease hostilities and to engage meaningfully with the United Nations to achieve a lasting political settlement.