Lisbon, Portugal

22 September 2017

Secretary-General's video message on UN Economic Commission for Europe Ministerial Conference on Ageing

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, human beings live longer than ever.
Globally, the population of older persons is growing faster than all younger age groups.
Europe experienced population ageing sooner than many other parts of the world.
And European countries are pioneering innovative policy responses to meet the challenges ahead.
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Working Group on Ageing fosters regional cooperation and helps countries find solutions.
We can all draw inspiration from the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.
As you recommit to this important Plan and set the policy agenda for the coming years, I encourage you to be ambitious.
Address the challenges of longevity – and unleash its potentials.
Lifelong learning, health and intergenerational support are crucial.
This will help people live active, productive and fulfilling lives.
And that will help build a sustainable future for all.
Thank you.  Obrigado.